Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Now Supreme Court Rebukes Kejriwal Goveernment

Now court has also indirectly accepted that odd even formula executed by Kejriwal led government is trouble shooter for common men. Court has realised that the odd even formula was put in action without making adequate preparation by Delhi Government. Court has asked AAP not to test the patience of common men. Kejriwal is simply playing with emotions of Delhites by using child health to justify his wrong steps and indirectly targeting Modi for each of his failure.

When people criticise the odd-even formula ,  Kejriwal and his blind supporters tag them as Modi Bhakt and thus turn blind eyes towards the shortcomings of the step taken by Delhi Government. 

Clever Chief Minister Mr. Kejriwal and Transport Minister Mr. Gopal Ray quote the examples of other countries like Singapore or China where similar policy was put in action. Though they failed, Mr. Kejriwal does not want to understand it only to satisfy his personal ego. Moreover the  infrastructure of those countries are far developed than that in India.

Problem of pollution is not only in Delhi but almost in all big towns and cities. It is only court order which attracted the mind of Delhi Government and it is unfortunate that other states have not yet acted to give relief to common men from evil effects of rising pollution. Perhaps   other states are also awaiting firing from respective courts.

It is really ridiculous and unfortunate too that in our country, executive organs and legislative bodies all over the country  have stopped playing their role properly and this is why it is always the judiciary which comes into action to activate the inactive government. On the front of corruption or that of safety of woman or compliance of existing rules , it is mostly judiciary which force the inefficient government to work for common men. Politicians in general are busy in mutual mud slinging only and they are least bothered of India and Indians.

Don’t test Delhiites patience, give them more buses, SC tells Kejriwal government-Times of India-6th January 2016
NEW DELHI: After following the odd-even vehicle rule like most Delhiites by resorting to car pooling with his brother judge A K Sikri, Chief Justice of India T S Thakur on Tuesday told the Arvind Kejriwal government not to test the patience of citizens by not providing them adequate public transport.

"Delhiites have cooperated with the government's odd-even vehicle rule. But look at the way they have travelled in jam-packed buses and Metro. You need to augment public transport, otherwise the enthusiasm with which the Delhiites followed the rule would soon evaporate. Don't test their patience," said the Supreme Court bench of Justices Thakur, A K Sikri and R Banumathi.

Amicus curiae Harish Salve and advocate Aparajita Singh pointed out that the apex court in July 1998 had ordered the Delhi government to augment the public transport system by putting into operation at least 10,000 buses by 2001, but it currently has just 5,000. "Buses are jam-packed in peak hours. The citizens must get to travel comfortably while going to work or returning home." Salve also said while in most countries, Metro trains run at a frequency of one-and-a-half minutes, the frequency in Delhi is 3-4 minutes. "The frequency must increase," he said.

The court asked the Delhi government and DMRC to inform why necessary steps were not taken to make travel by daily commuters a relaxed affair rather than a struggle.

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