Saturday, December 12, 2015

PM of Japan Praises Indian PM Mr Modi

Opponents of Mr Modi are abusing Mr Modi and they are telling him Feku on social sites. But President of USA Mr Obama praised Modi for his hard work. Heads of UK, Australia, Russia, France, China ,Germany, all have appreciated Modi's work.Now PM of Japan has told that Modi is working with speed of Bullet train.

It is ironic that Mr Modi is appreciated all over the world and our own country men who are jealous of Modi are abusing him without any rhyme or reason. If leaders of opposition parties and media men extend support to Mr Modi ,I have no doubt that Modi will make India a super power in the world.

Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party should introspect and stop putting hurdles in path of growth. People of India will otherwise teach lessons to leaders of Congress Party. Rahul should have minimum knowledge that a order of High Court cannot be discussed in Parliament. By questioning court order,they are committing a crime of contempt of court.

  It is to be condemned by all that Rahul and his Party is wasting precious time of Parliament and not allowing debate on important bills like GST bill or other bills only to raise non-issues like intolerance or court order related to National Herald case.

Have they,leaders of Congress party  lost their conscience and gone mad in flattery to Sonia and Rahul?

Interest of country and of common men should be always above party politics.

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