Thursday, December 10, 2015

Salman Acquitted , Police And Court Exposed

I take an opportunity to congratulate Sri Salman Khan for his acquittal in hit and run case. He has though suffered mental agony for last thirteen years and the same cannot be compensated.

However the judgement of Mumbai High Court indicates the pathetic position of Indian judiciary and Indian police system that a small case of hit and run takes 13 years for final delivery of judgement. Accused , witnesses and petitioner along with their advocates wasted 13 years long precious time of court including trial court and high court and also wasted precious time of the accused and petitioner. There is no compensation for such inordinate dealy in delivery of judgement. Justice delaed is justice denied.

It is not new in the history of Indian Judiciary and police system. In most of cases and specially in VIP cases , Prosecution process is handled very casually and petitioner or defendant are allowed to delay the process of justice for indefinite period. Murder case related to Lalit Narayan Mishra run for 40 years and decided only in this year . Similarly case pertaining to Bofors run for 25 years and then accused are acquitted. Lacs of cases in civil court remain pending for years and decades . Lacs of cases filed by bankers against loan defaulters remain undecided for years and decades. It will not be an exaggeration to say that courts and police help criminals in perpetuating the act of crime and corruption. They  are at least not for helping honest and law abiding citizens.

Congress Party ruled this country for six decades but did nothing to reform the bad culture of judiciary and police department , rather it is they who damaged it to a great extent. It is very much unfortunate that in our country, criminals are not bothered and not afraid of police and judiciary and it is only honest and innocent who fear torturous action of police and torturous process of hearing and witnessing in court of law.

This is why in majority of cases , victims of corruption or rape or loot or other types of tortures and illegal acts ,think it wise not to file FIR against corrupt and criminals to avoid torture in the hands of police, advocates and court personnel.

On the contrary , administration and police system is so good in USA that in case of all problems , citizen of USA think it proper to inform about all types of police related or even Doctor related problems to police without loss of time and it is a matter to be appreciated that within 2 to 3 minutes of getting information police reaches the spot for providing appropriate relief to victim.

God knows when our Indian government and state governments of various states will take this problem seriously and will be in a position to reform Indian judiciary and Indian police system . If all cases specially related to crime and corruption are decided within a period of maximum one year, there is no doubt to me that volume of crime and corruption will be reduced to 25 percent of what it is now. Government normally safety of people and position of law and order and quality of governance  by statistics maintained by police which is always concocted and manipulated. Ninety percent of actual crimes are not recorded in police file either due to fear of police or under pressure of some muscle men or in greed of some gifts. Culture is rotten and let us pray God to send a dare devil  person who will be bold enough to take drastic action to reform and transform the entire system for betterment. 

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