Thursday, December 10, 2015

Magic Of alphabet Letter R in India

It is a matter of coincidence that majority of journalists whose name starts with R or contains R in their name are acting as if they are pioneer and head of Anti-Modi lobby or as if they are paid agents of Congress Party  , which is by coincidence is again headed by same R .These journalists are neither worried for India's image and India's growth nor about functioning of Parliament or about morality and ethics required for a journalists. They cry loudly to hide their weakness and prove their illogical stand.

They have waged a war against Mr. Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India to serve the interest of the party they act as puppet and as paid agents. They are not concerned about the damage they are doing to country and common men by their dirty journalism .Due to unwarranted debate carried out by them on non-issues at the cost of important bills in Parliament on TV channels they represent , agenda of country which should be growth is time and again diverted to non-issues. People of India will not forgive such fake journalists.

They are not worried that due to their misleading and biased journalism , image of India is getting tarnished in International community and it is only due to their evil journalism, head of government and ministers have to face unwanted , unwarranted and avoidable questions before foreign media. They are not worried that social harmony and peace of the country is getting disturbed by their divisive journalism . They are not worried that they are being abused on social sites by lovers of the country.

They are blind in their flattery to their promoters and their bosses and do not think it wise even to assess the outcome and consequences of their evil-minded journalism. . They are too weak in talent to assess and read the pulse of people of India to whom they are relentless trying to influence in favour of Congress Party or against Mr. Modi. They have perhaps lost their conscience. This is why journalists like Rahul, Ravish, Rajdeep, Arnab, Barkha are being criticised at all level . It is fortunate that social sites are now exposing their evil works and very soon TV channels they represent will lost their TRP also . But when Duryodhan like persons are blind in greed of power or position, they cannot understand the outcome of Draupdi Chirharan.

There is no doubt that leaders of Congress Party do not have their conscience , if they had in the past , they have lost it after going out of powerand hence they do not feel shame in disturbing precious time of Parliament on personal issues, on judicial issues and on non issues sacrificing important bills pending for debate in Parliament.

When Smt Indira Gandhi lost election case in the hands of her opponent Sri Raj Narayan , the then PM Mrs Indira Gandhi and her yesmen in the party had lost their mental control , lost their conscience and lost their moral ground and promulgated emergency in the country, put all opponents in jail and put media under strict scanner. Similarly , now when Sonia and Rahul have been directed by learned Delhi High Court and trail court Delhi to appear in court , these leaders have gone mad and bent upon disturbing Parliament by hook or by crook. They are bent upon disturbing Mr. Modi and stop chariot of progress run by NDA government under leadership of Mr. Modi.

Some of supporters of Congress Party say that BJP had also disturbed functioning of Parliament. But this is also known to all that when volume of corruption crossed all limits and public anger was touching sky, it was but natural to question the then ruling party in Parliament. Team Anna and Arvind Kejriwal led Aaam Admi Part also came into existence only due to large scale corruption promoted by UPA government. Despite all, the then opposing parties supported ruling UPA in passing of important bills , of course without debate.

This time Congress Party is putting hurdles in functioning of Parliament to get rid of its own corruption , to get rid of summon from court in National Herald case or to unnecessarily tag the country with tag of intolerance. As a matter of fact , Nehru family do not tolerate opposition and they cannot remain out of power peacefully. They can sell the nation if required for getting power and perhaps this is why they deputed person like Salman Khursid and Mani Shankar Aiyar to Pakistan to dethrone Mr. Modi from power. It is they who had requested USA government not to  issue VISA to Mr. Narendra Modi when he was Head of Gujarat government. And many more leaders are active to malign Mr. Modi, malign Indian government in foreign countries and to remove BJP from power keeping aside all their principles written in their party manifestos. Even defence secrets are getting leaked to enemy country.

Whatever some journalists or leaders of opposition can do against ruling party and against Mr. Modi , there is no power on earth to stop or erode the rising popularity of Mr. Modi who have been working day and night to make India most powerful in the world. Mr. Modi has been accepted as 9th most popular leader in the world. India media may accept it or not, opposition parties in India may or may not accept the hard work done by Mr. Modi , but it is certain that head of majority of foreign countries have accepted the greatness of Mr. Modi. There is no doubt to me that Mr. Modi will make India most powerful and most developed country in the world in the days to come. Even hard core opponents of Mr. Modi will soon realize the ground reality and truth of Mr. Modi.

Mr. Modi was tortured for 13 years and Mr. Modi faced media trial many times and face grilling by CBI and police for days and months , but not perturbed, rather he is shining like Gold. But on the contrary , Sonia and Rahul have created havoc in Parliament only on getting a summon from court . They are trying to take revenge in Parliament and trying to maligning  even judiciary .People of India will not forgive such selfish leaders of Congress Party and such journalists who are putting impediment in path of growth .

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