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Brave Kejriwal Ends Management Quota In Delhi Private Schools

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal ,Chief Minister of Delhi has opened Pandora's box by abolishing management quota in private schools. He could have given advisory to management to gradually transform them instead of directly attacking their freedom in running their business. He could have regulated the quota in gradual manner so that management of private schools could not have seen the step as attack on their freedom. He could have made efforts to slowly bring down the tuition fee structure and could have stopped practice of donation prevalent in many private schools slowly and gradually. He could have motivated private school management not to charge admission fee every year. He could have suggested uniform syllabus for all schools to bring about uniformity in quality of education. He could have improved quality of teaching in public run schools.

It is true that management of private schools cannot be allowed to exploit students and parents and they may not be allowed to make exorbitant profit by doing school business. But imposition of any guidelines by Delhi government on private schools will be considered as illegal and will perhaps not stand in court of law. Delhi government cannot stand justified in imposing various  restrictions on schools of one community and giving unrestricted freedom to management of private schools of other community. .

Mr. Kejriwal  could have improved  the quality of teaching fastly in public schools to make them attractive . He could have worked for opening more and more public school which could be affordable for poor masses and which could guarantee imparting of  better quality of education too.

If quality of teaching improves in public schools, if proper infrastructure is provided in public schools, if quality teachers are recruited in public schools, if tuition fee charged by public schools is affordable , if admission in public schools is made  transparent and without payment of any bribe ,  if proper discipline is maintained in public schools, if students admitted in public schools are able to score high in competition held for admission in colleges of higher education and if students passed from public schools are selected in recruitment process of various companies and government departments, there is no doubt that parent of each child will prefer their child to be admitted in pubic schools only.

After all parents are not fool to beg admission in private schools and they are not fool to pay higher tuition fee for getting admission of their child in private schools. If is only due to the fact that public schools are worst managed and not imparting proper education , parent are forced to opt for public schools. 

It is only due to worst quality of infrastructure and teaching in public schools that parents of children  run from pillar to post and they apply recommendations of VIPs to ensure admission of their child in reputed schools. If public schools get success in improving its bad image, there is no doubt to me that management of private schools will also discard system of management quota and government will not be required to interfere.

For example, people prefer opening account in private banks when they find that services extended by private banks is far better. This is why  business and profit of private banks is improving every quarter whereas that of government banks is deteriorating quarter after quarter.

Same is the position of government run hospitals where there is no guarantee of treatment and improvement of health of a sick person and where only dead bodies are sent for post-mortem . People of India in general want medical treatment of their family members only in private hospitals because of trust on them. People are ready to  pay more even by taking loan to ensure safety of life of their family members.

People do not want to travel by Indian Airlines because of poor service and prefer travelling by private airlines even if they charge a little bit more in some cases. People do not want to take Sim of BSNL or landline phone from BSNL only because private telecom service providers extend better service at cheaper rate.

Fate of almost all government run entities is same. People hate public schools because in general the quality is below standard in them. When public schools failed people cried for private schools .

Private schools started pouring in all over the country only after 1991 and there was not any regulating body on their activities. And all this has happened in the name of reformation process of which was initiated in the year 1991 in the name of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. Private sector business houses have opened schools not for  doing charity work.

Can Arvind Kejriwal afford now to become purely socialist and ban all private entities?

Can Delhi Government manage enough resources and afford opening new public schools  to enable the to cancel license of private schools exploiting students and parents?

Is it possible for a government to micromanage all schools?

Or Kejriwal want to ban private schools and create more scarcity of good schools and force parent of children residing in Delhi to opt for private schools of other states where rule of Kejriwal does not work?

Kejriwal appears to be dictator in giving whimsical orders to private schools and this step will force private schools to close their school business . He could have discussed with school managements to reach an amicable and mutually acceptable solution to end corrupt practices in the name of management quota .

After all it was the policy of government only which promoted participation of private sector in area of education when government of various states failed to manage public schools properly and failed to ensure quality of teaching in these schools. Government do not have enough financial power to cater to demands of schools . Freedom given to private sector in opening of schools became inevitable and unavoidable for improving quality of education in India and there is no doubt in it that children of all families including poor also want their children admitted in private schools because they know very well that standard of teaching is public schools is the worst.

If number of private schools comes down ,children of families living in Delhi will be deprived of quality education and they will be constrained to send their children to other states where Kejriwal can do nothing. Obviously step taken by Kejriwal will demotivate private schools and if their income is reduced, they will also be forced to reduce quality of education . in this way ,it will be a direct loss to children of Delhi. 

I agree that government must regulate private sector schools but not by encroaching upon their rights . I agree that unregulated freedom creates a culture of exploitation. Government has to create healthy competition between public schools and private schools. If government put unwarranted restriction on private schools, it will lead to closure of these schools and in the long run problem will get more aggravated .

Kejriwal has to have long term vision and stop playing emotional cards only to enrich his vote bank. His steps to finish management quota may be appreciated now  by a large section of Delhi population but in the long run it will prove very costly to them. Delhi people may face crisis of good schools and they will be forced to opt for schools of other states. Even now there is already scarcity of good schools in the state of Delhi. If all private  schools all over the country follow the same rule, there is no harm . But if only Delhi government impose impractical restriction which will act as disincentive to promotion of private schools , number of private schools will shrink and promoters of such schools will shift to other states.

Suppose , if Delhi government cancels the licence of private hospitals charging exorbitant medical treatment charges , people of Delhi will have to depend on mercy of poorly run government hospitals. If Delhi government cancels licence of private banks charging exorbitant service charges , people of Delhi will be forced to open account only in government run banks and bear with poor quality of service available in these public banks.

Perhaps Kejriwal is inclined to pull back all reformative processes initiated without improving government run entities. Playing emotional cards in the name of service to poor or downtrodden class of people may look soothing for ears now , may appear attractive to many now and may help in vote bank of AAP but may not improve and may not prove helpful  in improving the quality of education, quality of governance or quality of services which people of Delhi expects from Kejriwal run government. Banning or demotivating private sector without improving public sector will create more problems than solving present problems.

Kejriwal can give rise to more and more litigations and legal controversies but I do not think there will be any real relief to those who have a plan of better education for their wards in Delhi until government of Delhi creates good number of public schools in Delhi which can substitute the role of private schools.

Mr. Kapil Sibal Previous UPA government led by Congress Party had made it mandatory for schools not to fail an student upto class 10+2. It means he advised school management to distribute pass certificate of passing class 10+2 to all students who were enrolled in a school. There was no focus and stress on  quality of learning which a student is supposed to get in public or private schools equivalent to class 10+2. But since the Minister did not succeed in improving quality of public schools , he took step to damage the quality of teaching in private schools.

Further the party made Right to Education an act. But Congress Party during their rule for six decades never tried to monitor quality of teaching in government run schools. In the name of adult education, the then government looted billions of rupees but did nothing on ground to ensure adult education and to improve the real literacy level of common men. Leaders of Congress Party used teachers only to increase their vote banks as they did nothing for real welfare and upliftment of  Muslims , but they did everything for enriching vote bank only.

Similarly in the name of Higher studies , many private colleges and institutes imparting knowledge in engineering, medical science, business management , compute science and other faculties came to existence under the policy of reformation and liberalisation. Gradually management of these colleges started exploitation too. But since government colleges in all states became defunct and confined to doing the work of distributing degrees only, students started crowding private colleges and discarding the idea of seeking admission in government run colleges ( barring some exceptional colleges like IIT or IIM ).

When government fails in performing its duty of providing uniform and quality education to all Indians, students from all states prefer taking admission in reputed private colleges or foreign colleges even if they are too costly. But in all such cases, either primary or middle or higher study colleges, it is always the poor who are victim of failed system .

It is poor who are deprived of quality education and it is they who have to remain satisfied with meaningless and valueless degrees distributed by public schools and colleges. And bitter truth and ground reality is that poor can get quality education or quality medical care only if government provides it a affordable cost or free of cost.

But government cannot force management of private schools and colleges to distribute free education or to act as per whims and fancies of Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal can at best give direction to various charitable institutes or government aided institute to act as per whims of Kejriwal or Mr. Sisodia.  However ,It will not out of place to mention here that during last few months , Mr. Sidodia, Deputy CM Delhi has done some praiseworthy work in improving quality of examination in public schools situated in Delhi. Similarly they may do more for improving quality of teaching in such schools to win the love and confidence of common men.

 Last but not the least  , I ask a simple question to learned Kejriwal whether he will ensure that children of all his MLAs, MPs, officers, party followers and his fans will like to send their children to public schools?

Here it is important to mention that out of total 5000 schools in Delhi, 60% are government schools and only 40% of them are private schools. If government in Delhi is able to improve quality of 60% public schools , private schools will be forced to bow down and make their conditions more liberal.

Kejriwal has threatened to even takeover private schools if they disobey guidelines issued by his government. I would like to say here that when government is unable to manage properly existing 3000+ public schools, how will they manage additional 2000+ private schools. In any case, it is not wise and not practicable for a government to micromanage any school.

In 1969 , the then Prime Minister of India Mrs Indira Gandhi nationalised private banks with a declared  intention  to serve poor and help poor from clutches of money lenders. But in few decades , it proved that health of public sector banks have gone beyond repair and quality of services extended by these public banks became unbearable for common men. In 1991 , Congress Government decided to allow private promoters to do the business of banking. Today, position of pubic bank has become more pathetic. It is because , public banks are exploited by politicians. Poor people got very little relief from public banks and they continue to suffer from poverty even now after lapse of more than four decades of bank's nationalisation.

Similarly Mr. Kejriwal to satisfy his ego can takeover private schools, but very soon the quality of teaching in all these schools will move from bad to worse. As of now , it is alleged that management of private schools are exploiting students and parents , later politicians will exploit public schools and make it worse than what they are now. 

On the other hand if healthy competition takes place between two model of schools, it will prove more beneficial for parent in the long run. As such it will be wise that Delhi government first  learns managing existing public schools  and then dream of taking over private schools.

It is true that some of private schools are demanding extraordinary amount of money as donation from parent seeking admission of  their children in their schools . It is also true that parent are crazy to pay these amount because they find no alternative to ensure better quality education for their children. Similarly majority of private colleges for higher studies such as engineering , medical, business management are demanding several lac of rupees and even crore of rupees in some colleges. Even parent pay such hefty amount only because they do not find any scope of their children admitted in government colleges.

If adequate number of colleges are established by various state governments, none of parent will be ready to pay lacs of rupees to private colleges .Unfortunately none of state government is interested in cleaning their house and they point out accusing fingers always towards others to hide their failures, their incompetence and their inefficiency in managing the affairs .

AAP govt scraps management quota in nursery admissions-Times of India 07.01.2016

NEW DELHI: In an attempt to end "discrimination" during admission in private unaided schools, the Delhi government on Wednesday ordered such schools to scrap the management quota. It also struck down 62 debatable criteria, against which some schools had been awarding seats, for selecting the students.

The order is likely to hit a legal hurdle and may end up delaying the ongoing nursery admission process.

Claiming that certain schools were providing as much as 75% reservation under various categories, CM Arvind Kejriwal said only 25% quota for economically weaker sections (EWS), as mandated by the Right to Education Act, would now be permitted.

While the move will benefit parents by opening up more seats, it is not clear whether the government has the legal authority to issue such directions to the private schools which had been granted autonomy by the Delhi high court in 2014.

Read full news in following link
Also Read following information on guidelines issued by AAP government . Some of them are really praiseworthy and for them Kejriwal deserve appreciation.

Some of readers tag me with word Modi Bhakt.  I do not know what I am but I do not question their assessment too. I simply request them to first  read full blog and then comment on subject, it will be better. You may be Bhakt of Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi or anyone else , nothing wrong in it.

But you should justify step of Kejriwal by giving some reasonable logic, not bizarrely logic like me a s alleged by some of readers.. If you satisfy reader, people will appreciate you. Let us have a healthy discussion on topic and not play bhakti card as some unidentified and undisclosed members of Facebook are playing.

Please think what is good for poor and what is good for entire country. We are not associated with any political party.

In this country, ,many policies and many rules have been framed during last seven decades for welfare of poor, quota has been fixed for some caste or the other, but do you feel that any reduction in poverty in any village or town. It is very easy to play emotional card in the name of poor and downtrodden but in fact poor are seldom beneficiary of these so called poor welfare schemes.

Do you think that any poor person can take admission in even government run school where everything is free or do they get any education in government run schools?

Do you think that poor persons will be able to take admission in private schools and will they survive there even if management quota is ended?

It is all upper middle class who earn lacs of rupees per year are making noise against private schools and it is also true that they will never send their children to public schools even if they are free in all respect. It is these upper middle class who are real beneficiary of caste based quota.

Real poor from backward caste or SC ST community cannot dream of any job because they are not able to afford even adequate food to eat or a shelter to live in. These poor cannot dream of education even in public schools because poor children of poor parents are engaged in various types of labour work to earn livelihood

It is habit of dirty politicians to do all evil works in the name of poor only.
I do want to focus on the subject matter .

Some people justify step taken by Mr. Kejriwal in finishing management quota and in putting an end to 62 restrictions prevalent in private schools for admission . They justify saying that people of Delhi like it. I do not know whether people of Delhi like it or not. But the question is what is good for now and for coming generation.

Here question is not whether people of Delhi like step taken by Kejriwal ending management quota and putting various restriction on private schools or not. People of Delhi may like to have free education in private schools too at par with public schools. they may want free mid day meal also as distributed in public schools. They may like to have free books and hassle free pass in examination too.

Here the key question is whether government have enough resources to distribute education free as they are distributing free power and free water.

Here the question is whether private management will be ready to run schools as per dictates of Kejriwal and whether they will do any work without greed of profit.

Here the question is whether scarcity of schools for Delhi people will increase by whimsical orders of Kejriwal or not .

Here is the question is whether guidelines issued by Kejriwal is legal or and whether it is against the spirit of litigation already going on in Delhi High Court?

Here the question is whether government want participation of private sector or want to focus on takeover of private schools ?

Here the question is how to bridge gap between number of students seeking admission and number of seats available in Delhi including both private and public schools?

 Here the question is how to ensure quality education and discipline in already existing government schools so that people prefer taking admission in government schools only.

Here the question is why children of politicians and government officials or that of business men want to be admitted only in private schools forcing them to put several restriction to minimise crowd. If people in general boycott private schools , management of private schools will automatically stop management quota and all restrictions put to minimise crowd or to pick students of their choice.

Here the question is how to finish monopoly and exploiting attitude of management of private schools and colleges . It is government which issue license for opening of private schools and colleges . Can they change the rule of game after the game is over ?

Not only in nursery schools , all colleges of higher education (including medical science, engineering, Business Management science) are having the practice of management quota which they use to earn money in form of donations to the tune of lacs and crores of rupees. How to stop this culture? Can it be stopped in the country only by whimsical orders of Kejriwal in Delhi ?

Some of readers are more interested in abusing BJP than in submitting valid points to justify the end of management quota. Some of them campare the step with ability of other politicians. Some of them have sympathy for Kejriwal and they do not like any comment against him. Some want that I should write something against Modi before writing against any step of Kejriwal.

Please note that the point is simply one here that is whether the step of ending management quota, is legal, justified and proper in the larger interest and for coming generations. Some of readers quote mistakes of other politicians of the past or present government. Some raise the matter related with other subjects.

We cannot discuss all subject in one class of few minutes . Everyone is free to express on subject and everyone is right in his or her angle of consideration. One can freely criticise Modi and BJP by submitting facts and figures . There is no harm in it . It will create a healthy debate and result is better conclusion.

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