Thursday, January 14, 2016

Unreliable Pakistan Will Remain Unreliable

It will be foolish for India to trust Pakistan. They are playing drama to hide terrorists in unknown bunkars or guest house and giving false news or making fake arrest and fake raids only. They are simply buying time and they will continue to harm India not from foreign land but from within India too.

Indian government has to be alert and take all possible steps to detect and arrest Vibhisan sitting in all corners of the country and in government offices, ministry or even in... armed forces. India is facing very critical position when even some of political parties in opposition group are playing foul game . These opponents want to malign Modi even if it needed to weaken India and empower enemy Pakistan.

India has to be alert from these enemies sitting in India itself. India media is also not fully reliable. It appears that They too are playing in hands of enemy of the country just to please their mentors and promoters. important information about defence strategy made by India should be kept secret and need not be shared even with media.

Pakistan has never been trustworthy and it should never be relied upon .Any dialogue with Pakistan or allowing them to carry out investigation in India or to allow them joint investigation with Indian authorities will prove dangerous and inconclusive. They simply want to delay and postpone Indian military action and they will continue to spread , enhance , and accelerate their Jehadi work . Their network has been active almost in all corners of the country. Indian government has to empower , increase and enhance Intelligence work.

More and more loyal manpower should be added to Intelligence wing of the country to collect input from various corners of the country. Otherwise Malda or Purnia like incidents will continue to take place and so called secularist sitting in opposition parties will continue to blame BJP for playing communal cards. "Chori upar Sinachori" . It means those who are trying to incite communal violence will blame those who are sitting in government and opposition parties will enjoy it and fight against government on TV media in nexus with TV promoters.

In no case India should have faith on what  Pakistan Government say, what Pakistan appear to act against terrorists and what they promise to do to stop terrorism against India. As a matter of fact Pakistan Government is controlled by terrorists and ISI and even if Nawaz Shariff , Prime Minister of Pakistan want to act against terrorists, he cannot do so under the terror and under fear of hard core terrorists sitting in Pakistan.

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