Friday, January 15, 2016

Success Of Odd-Even Formula In Delhi

For the first time I think that Kejriwal has spoken good words for all and praised all for so called success in implementation of Kejriwal promoted Odd-Even formula to reduce pollution in Delhi. For the first time , he has not abused Mr. Modi or central government. He has praised even Delhi police. I praise him for this revolutionary change in him. It may be his tact or his strategy to white wash his dirty image created by his habit of abusing Modi and BJP government for all his faults, for all his shortcomings in governance and for all unwise steps taken by him. I hope he will change his  habit of abusing Modi for all small or big events.
God bless him for his positive views about all. However I hope he will shed his ego and will not impose odd-even formula once again .In his view as announced in press conference, his idea of Odd-even formula has been welcome by Delhi people and it has helped in reducing pollution level. But in my opinion , he is mistaken and he has overestimated his success in this matter

Ground reality is however entirely different and people of Delhi consumed   hard pill of odd-even formula for 15 days because it was for 15 days only.

Government cannot feel pride in reducing or stopping plying of vehicle. When a patient is critically sick , Doctor prescribe certain restriction in diet and lifestyle of the patient and prescribe some exercises and some medicine and some injections to reduce sickness of the patient. But Doctor cannot feel proud in stopping all food and allowing patient to die of food.

Similarly closing factories or having car-free day or car free month is not the solution for pollution, Delhi is suffering.  If all cars are banned , all tempos are banned , all trucks are banned and all factories are closed, there is no doubt that level of pollution will be reduced to minimum. But this cannot be a growth oriented solution. It is a slow poison to working man and functional factories. Odd -even formula may be a temporary solution or an experiment but it cannot be continued for a long period.

 Mr. Kejriwal  is supposed to take other corrective action . He feel proud that by odd even , traffic was reduced during last 15 days and people became happy. He is misreading it. If he closes all factories and closes road for all vehicles all days, I think pollution will be reduced to zero. But purpose of government is not to keep road empty to have pollution free air.

I remember , on 1st and 2nd of January, Mr Gopal Rai had accused Modi , BJP and Delhi police who in their opinion want to fail odd-even formula. Today CM is speaking just opposite. At least Mr. Kejriwal has realised that central government and Mr. Modi does not interfere in governance in field where Delhi government is legally supposed to act.

I reiterate my opinion on this odd-even formula and resubmit my old blog

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