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Now It Is Turn Of Karan Johar

Filmmaker Karan Johar says , :"The talk about freedom of expression is the biggest joke I believe in the world. Democracy is the second biggest joke I think.".

I am of the strong opinion that it is he who is greatest joker and it is persons like him who are using Film making as tool to damage and erode social values . They are money hungry and for the sake of money they can go to any extent. They may support foreign based terrorist and they may dance and organised musical concert even in Pakistan to celebrate world famous terrorists Doud. They used to get fund from Hazi Mastan in olden days and now so many Hazi Mastan in action.

It will not be an exaggeration if one says that it is Karan who  is mad and it is he who acts as a perfect joker . He is the biggest joker and it is tolerant India that he has  not been taken to task . It is he who usually uses unparliamentarily and abusive language in social functions and it is he who promotes evil culture using freedom of speech. He cannot ridicule Freedom of Speech.

India gives full value to democratic principles  and has given enormous freedom of speech to all Indians . Karan is fully unjustified and wrong to say that freedom of speech is a joke for him. Perhaps he has become victim of conspiracy hatched by enemy of India and opponents of Mr. Modi. Some of Film celebrities have become victim of dirty politicians . People Like Karan are openly attacking democracy and maligning India's image , still they say that they are not free to speak.

When action is taken by government against terrorists,  against those who spread network of terror and against those who are trying  to divide society and the country, such celebrities get disturbed and perturbed and then they use their popularity and start blaming government of being intolerant . They condemn the act of the government when government expose the dubious act of  politicians and celebrities who in the name of dalit welfare are injecting poison in the society.

It is a bitter truth that leaders of Congress Party allowed all anti-national elements to take roots in this peaceful country . It is these dirty politicians who for the sake of vote bank politics did not stop spread of terror and naxal network under guidance and support from foreign based terrorists. Now when current government has given a free hand to police and armed forces to catch terrorists and break the  network of terrorists, some of their supporters sitting in Congress Party are  annoyed and disturbed.

Now it is time to punish those individuals who tarnish image of the country and who try to divide society or who promote evil culture to serve their self interest .

There are some p
ower hungry people in some of opposition political parties who pose as secular but in fact thy are dividing society on caste or communal ground. It is the who incite passions on caste and communal ground and they blame BJP for igniting communal fire. It is nothing but "Chori Upar Sinachori".

Politicians like Rahul Gandhi or Kejriwal go to Hyderabad or Dadri to do marketing for their parties . Congress Party did nothing for poor and dalit during last six decades of rule and similarly Kejriwal is not focusing on killing and rapes taking place with Dalit people and common people  in Delhi but he is going to Hyderabad and UP for igniting fire on caste ground. These politicians are perfect power hungry and they are tarnishing image of the country for their self interest.

Film celebrities are using fund of mafia men and foreign based terrorists and they are under pressure of their financers to malign Modi and BJP. These celebrities are responsible for growing and for  irrigating and promoting evil culture in society because  it is they who serve evil materials in their films to earn more and more money.

There are some  film celebrities who may be getting support from parties like Congress party which had been rejected all over the country by voters.  Congress Party cannot remain silent without power and hence their leaders are very much in hurry to remove Modi from power. Mani Shankar Aiyar and Salman Khursid. Like leaders of Congress party went Pakistan to seek their help in removing Modi from power. One can assess what type of leaders the are . They are not patriot and  they are simply power hungry.

Time has come that Government of India punishes who throw mud on bright image of the country, who abuse Minister and Prime Minister of country. Kejriwal used to abuse Shiela Dikshit and so many central ministers of the then UPA government and threatened them to send to jail But as soon as he came to power he forgot all of those leaders. Now same Kejriwal goes to Punjab and threaten Mr. Badal , CM of Punjab to send him to jail if Aaam Admi Party  is voted to power. He abuses PM of this country and no action is taken against him for defamation he caused to highest dignitary of the country.

Kejriwal is elected to power to serve Delhi but he is going one state to other to do dirty politics and he is habituated to abuse Modi for  all small or big issues , for state matter or central matter. He abuse police, ministers and all officers but unable to administer Delhi .

If such leaders are not stopped in making mockery of freedom of speech, country will become weak and foreign rulers will break unity of this country and our enemy will disturb peace of this county.

I therefore like to say that freedom of speech is not a joke in our country but those persons are jokers who ridicule India and do disservice to India . It is due to dirty politics of persons like Karan Johar or Amir Khan or Rahul Gandhi or Kejriwal who tag India with the word 'Intolerant India that Foreign investors who want to invest in India are hesitating to do so. These people are not only against Mr. Modi but they are anti-growth and they are purely power hunger. They want to destabilise Modi government somehow or the other and trying to mobilise Muslim and Dalit votes so that they may win election .They are in grip of foreign forces who want to weaken India somehow or the other.

Congress party is in government in AP, it was in central government about two years ago. During their rule, many students from same campus died and the dispute between two groups is said to be older than two years.

Why so called secular leaders and dalit well wishers were sleeping for such a long period. Grouping exists almost in all colleges of higher education. Need of the hour is to keep Politics away from such places, Temple of knowledge. Politicians of all parties have to ensure that students do not become victim of dirty politics and their study is not disturbed.

But dirty politicians come to senses only when a Muslim or a dalit dies during BJP rule. Why? What do you smell ?

Why opponents of Mr. Modi are selective and why are they putting blame on Modi for faults of  State Government for failure of law and order position in UP or AP or Karnataka?

By focusing on Dalit or on Muslims and crying loudly on TV, these politicians are dividing society in caste groups and igniting fire as Mr. V P Sigh did for the sake of power three  decades ago.

People of all caste and all communities work together, live together and serve country together in their way . They love each other and attend functions of friends of each caste and community. Thy celebrate festivals of all castes and communities . But politicians who are power hungry are making all efforts to divide the voters and then rule this country.

This Divide and Rule theory may weaken our country. Now it is time for all Indians to be cautious from such ambitious politicians. It is time to expose these greedy politicians who appear to be secular but they are in fact hard core communal in their heart.

I do not know who are real culprits in Rohit suicide case or in death of Akhlak in Dadri or in mob attack at police stations in Malda in WB or in Purnia in Bihar  , I simply want to stress that let state government take action against all culprits . Politicians should not make an incident as battle ground . they should not use the tragic death of any India to market their political agenda.

I simply that media men are supposed to give news to their viewers , but they are not supposed to inject their evil ideas into blood of Indians to weaken the country or to serve the hidden agenda of their promoters who may be fan of some political party of the other. Let judiciary decide all case of crime.

While Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was busy cursing PM Modi and BJP and doing politics over Rohit Vemula’s suicide at the Hyderabad Central University by playing the Dalit card, his own state Delhi witnessed tragic death of 7 homeless Dalit people.

The 7 Dalit deaths due to intense cold wave conditions, occurred in the last 72 hours. Instead of paying attention to plight of poor and downtrodden in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal is playing the role of “National CM” and visiting different places to garner political mileage over various issues and not letting any opportunity go to criticise the PM.
Read this news in Times of India

Raja Jayavardhan writes on facebook to explain what is democracy?

There is only Protest Rule..!
There is no Democratic Rule..!
 Democracy means lawful Elections or unlawful Protests..?

Should elected PM (Prime Minister ) rule the nation ?! Or, Protesters and Media rule the Nation..?!

If Democratically elected Government is to reverse every decision on Protests by few with Media assistance...then, is it not the end of our Democratic system..?

If Law abiding patriots can be targeted by unlawful antinational agents, and get away from punishments, then where is Law..?

Is Law only applicable on patriotic law abiding citizens, and not on unlawful Media supported mobs..?

Why should Government succumb..? Is it not time for strict action..?

Why not ban all the antinational Media along with its political backups like congress leaders and Kejriwal for creating communal and caste division of our nation..?

Worldwide the chrostitutes employ the same tact to bring in civil war and destroy many nations..!

If we do not crush this menace now, then every Indian citizen will suffer soon like Iraqis, syrians, Libyans, egyptians, etc.,

I Pray Mr. MODI...
DONT LET DEMOCRACY SUCCUMB TO UNLAWFUL protest by a few people creating nuisance.

Karan Johar: Freedom of expression, democracy biggest jokes in the world-Times of India 22.01.2016
Filmmaker Karan Johar's controversial remarks on intolerance on Friday kicked up a storm with the Congress hitting out against the Modi government accusing it of stifling freedom of expression and BJP dismissing the criticism saying India is the most tolerant country.

Wading into the intolerance debate, Johar said, "The talk about freedom of expression is the biggest joke I believe in the world. Democracy is the second biggest joke I think."

"I really wonder how are we really democratic? How is there freedom of expression? As a filmmaker, I feel bound at every level be it what I put out on celluloid or what I say in print," he said at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival.
In my view , Government employees or bank officials or employees working in any PSU or private firm who have worked for decades may not say that anyone in their office sitting at top post tortured a person only because he or she belonged to SC or ST or Muslim or OBC community.

Rather bitter truth is that in most of cases officers sitting at top post are afraid of punishing or taking any action against people of these community in fear of biased action by their masters or by SCST or Minority commission.

A general candidate may be taken to task even for small lapse but on the contrary officers in general try to avoid taking against persons of SCST or Muslim community even if the nature of mistake is grave.

Officers who have experienced cases of discrimination or wilful torture to employees of backward caste may say the truth instead of giving a general remarks.

Another truth of the system is that bosses who prefer flattery , do not hesitate to punish and torture even a general candidate.

Therefore it largely depend on character of boss not the caste of subordinates. There may be microscopically few cases in a country of 125 crore population where caste based discrimination is done by a person holding powerful post.

I would like to further add here if the politicians like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi continue to play their dirty politics in case related to suicide committed by Rohit, I think this virus of caste conflict will spread to every college of higher education . And the most fatal outcome will be students will indulge in caste politics and caste conflicts instead of focusing on their study. Politicians for their self interest are inculcating and injecting bad politics in blood of students .

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