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Rahul Gandhi And Narendra Modi

Rahul Gandhi says that Mr. Narendra Modi has forgot farmers and Modi is a leading a government which is for corporate only . He has further accused Modi of not taking selfie with farmer. He has challenged Modi to come to Bundelkhand to see position of farmers.
Rahul Gandhi means to say that wherever he will go , he will challenge Modi to come there .

In his view , the place where Modi goes is of no significance for country. In his view foreign trip made by Modi are useless but foreign trips made by his party ministers during their rule was of much importance. He means to say that when he visits foreign countries for tour and enjoyment , he is serving the country, but when Modi visits foreign countries on official visit , it is loss to country. He appears to be joker by dint of his mindless talks. 

 Why does Rahul Gandhi  not himself go to places where Mr. Modi goes and why does he no do what Mr. Modi has done for farmers, for students, for NRIs and for corporates.
For Rahul Gandhi taking photos with farmers is more important instead of doing something for farmers. That is why he is suggesting Mr. Modi to take selfie with farmers and not with children or anyone  else. If he really is well-wisher of farmers, he should go to Congress Party ruled states and see the pathetic position of farmers .

Where his party was in power or is in power now in some states, his party has done  nothing for farmers of that state , Rahul Gandhi  has no moral right to preach sermons to Chief Minister of other states or to Mr. Modi who happens to be Prime Minister of India. Here it is also important to mention here that Congress Party has ruled this country for six decades and all Prime Ministers from Congress Party ruled this country by extending support to and by accepting support  from  corporate only .
Had they worked for farmers or poor , the position of poor would not have been so much pathetic as it is today .

Congress  Party got votes in all past elections in the name of poor giving attractive slogans like 'Garibi Hatao'. But in fact poverty of poor continued to rise and rise. His party divided the voters in Dalits and forwards, Hindus and Muslims and in different quotas and non quote groups for enhancing vote banks. But they did nothing or very little for creation of job opportunities and for real growth of villages and farmers.

Congress Party used to remain fully and devotedly in grip of Reliance Industry promoter Sri Dhiru Bhai Amabni for political expenses and in return party gave a lot of tax rebates, concessions and subsidies to this groups as well other corporate who used to help financially to this party. Mr. Kejriwal also used to cry against leaders of Congress Party for their support to Ambani family in Gas extraction project.

Late Indira Gandhi nationalised banks in the year 1969 to help rural poor and to save poor farmers  from local money lenders who used to exploit farmers. But it is his party only which in fact did do nothing to ensure that these public sector banks become actually helpful for poor farmers , not act as distributor of loan as charity of Congress Party . In the beginning ,they forced banks to distribute loans to farmers conducting loan melas  but could not stop the malpractices in process of giving loans to farmers and neither they could stop misuse of banks by local leaders of the party to force banks to sanction loans to their party followers.

Next, It is leaders of Congress Party in UPA government  who forced banks to write off loans of farmers and finally polluted  and vitiated recovery culture in banks and which in course of time led to promotion, irrigation and perpetuation of bad culture in public sector banks and it is their bad policies and bad execution of good policies which resulted in critical  sickness in almost all public sector banks which banks is now in grip of.  Rahul Gandhi has to introspect and look into past to know what his party did for this country and for farmers. Congress Party in its effort to appease Muslim ,  promoted terror and naxal camps in the country for vote bank. Now Rahul has no moral right to teach lessons to Mr. Modi on subject of welfare of poor or that of protection of  dalit.

Not only this, it is Congress Party which in the name of Liberalisation,  privatisation and globalisation (LPG) forced banks to give more and more loan to corporate sector . Since 1991 , it became the habit of public banks to give more and more loan to corporate sector and PUSs and they learnt the art of ignoring poor  farmers so that they may achieve credit targets quickly and earn profit for banks and at the same time learnt to earn huge illegal money for self as also earn the blessings of leaders of Congress Party led government in promotion and posting .

If one financial expert take the task of peeping  into data related to lending made by PSU banks during last ten years of UPA rule and honestly analyse the same , it will come to fore  whether bank's lending  was directed towards poor or towards corporate during last UPA rule. I have no doubt in saying  that banks gave big loans to corporate to please Chidambram like Finance Minister and to earn illegal money by these corporates. Only microscopic portion of fresh lending during last one decade was given to farmers and poor. Politicians use poor as mask to loot the country and Congress Party had got doctorate degree in it. This is why they smell stinking smell in all acts of Modi and look Modi and BJP government with their prejudiced eyes.

On threadbare analysis of bank's data, it will become crystal clear how far Congress Party was pro-poor and how far it was supporters of corporates. Bitter truth is that most of public banks achieved the target of priority sector by manipulation and 99% of loans sanctioned by public banks during last ten years of UPA rule was directed to corporate , for sick PSUs and for loss making power making and power distributing companies.

Before adoption of policy of so called reformation and before freedom given to banks in the year 1991 onwards ,Chiefs of PSU banks used to blame government scheme oriented lending to poor for less profit and for poor performance. After 1991 , they indulged in corporate lending and now position is that more than 95% of total bad asses are in corporate sector . Modi  has inherited critically sick banks and it is he who is at least trying to cure it. But cancer of bad culture created by previous governments led by Congress Party cannot be changed overnight .

Rahul Gandhi should know that amount of bad assets in public sector banks is more than ten lac crore of rupees and that these assets are not creation of Mr. Modi  and his BJP government, but it is definitely creation of corrupt leaders of UPA government who used banks for serving their self interest

For this purpose Congress Party used to promote officers in banks  for the post of ED and CMD purely on the basis of flattery and bribery and  not based on performance . His party used to recruit even directors for bank's board on the basis of flattery and bribery or to those who could not get lucrative post in Congress Party or in Government led by the party.

There is a proverb in Hindi , "Sau Chuhe Markar Billi Haz Ko Chali" Similarly after causing loss to country in tune of crores of crores of rupees in various scams, after damaging fundamentals of banks and after spoiling the future of crores of poor in the name of poverty alleviation programmes , Rahul Gandhi is now trying to preach sermons  to Mr. Narendra Modi on how to help farmers and dalits.

I suggest Rahul Gandhi  to have patience for at least five years for which Modi is elected to power .During this period he should visit Congress Party ruled states to ensure that they are functioning well and doing best possible for poor. He cannot win the election by simply abusing Modi all the time for all incidents . He is trying to copy Kejriwal who captured power in Delhi State only by abusing leaders of Congress Party, abusing Shiela Dikshit and all Tom, Dick and Herry whoever were in power. But it is also true that Kejriwal is most hated person now in India only due to his faulty behaviour and dirty politics .

However , Rahul Gandhi should keep in mind that Kejriwal has nothing to loose whereas Rahul Gandhi is loosing hundred year old Congress Party only due to his immature approach on all issues. Voters of India trust a new leader like Kejriwal once or twice  but not always. It is due to this that Kejriwal led Aam Admi Party could get only four seats in last Parliamentary election. Similarly  Congress Party can befool voters once or twice , but cannot win the election without doing something positive for common men. Rather Kejriwal is doing better for Delhites and there is no doubt that in coming days he may replace Congress Party all over the country. Here  it is also true that Ii BJP and Mr. Modi fail to perform , they will also lose the election in coming year.

I therefore appeal Rahul Gandhi and Mr. Kejriwal to focus on areas they rule and let others rule in their area of operation. Voters will decide who has performed better and who has simply promised or simply created nuisance.

Rahul Gandhi visits Dadri and Hyderabad to market his Dalit agenda , but he forgets that his party did nothing for dalit in six decades long rule and this is why a dalit party namely Bahujan Samaj Party took birth. Congress Party lost its vote share only due to the fact that Dalit and Muslim became anti-congress because they were always cheated by Congress Party.

Congress Party and its leaders including Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi should learn lessons from the mistakes of the past . People of India tell RahulGandhi as  Pappu and consider him a joker  only because Rahul ridicules Modi on his sudden visit to Lahore in Pakistan but do not condemn Mani Shankar Aiyar and Salman Khurshid who went to Pakistan to seek support of ISI in removing Modi from power in India.

I have no doubt that if Rahul Gandhi and his blind supports in Congress Party do not change their attitude, hundred year Congress Party will vanish very soon from Indian horizon and they will have to seek election in country like Pakistan.

My view on Rohit Suicide Case in Hyderabad Where Rahul Gandhi went to play Dalit card is as follows

In my view , Government employees or bank officials or employees working in any PSU or private firm who have worked for decades may not say that anyone in their office sitting at top post tortured a person only because he or she belonged to SC or ST or Muslim or OBC community.

Rather bitter truth is that in most of cases officers sitting at top post are afraid of punishing or taking any action against people of these community in fear of biased action by their masters or by SCST or Minority commission.

A general candidate may be taken to task even for small lapse but on the contrary officers in general try to avoid taking against persons of SCST or Muslim community even if the nature of mistake is grave.

Officers who have experienced cases of discrimination or wilful torture to employees of backward caste may say the truth instead of giving a general remarks.

Another truth of the system is that bosses who prefer flattery , do not hesitate to punish and torture even a general candidate.

Therefore it largely depend on character of boss not the caste of subordinates. There may be microscopically few cases in a country of 125 crore population where caste based discrimination is done by a person holding powerful post.

I would like to further add here if the politicians like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi continue to play their dirty politics in case related to suicide committed by Rohit, I think this virus of caste conflict will spread to every college of higher education . And the most fatal outcome will be students will indulge in caste politics and caste conflicts instead of focusing on their study. Politicians for their self interest are inculcating and injecting bad politics in blood of students .

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