Sunday, January 24, 2016

Three Girls Commit Suicide In Tamilnadu

Now New destination for making a trip and marketing politics of the party is in Tamilnadu where three girls reportedly committed suicide allegedly against harassment  by the college management .Father of one of the deceased girl has said , "It is a murder, not a suicide. We want a post-mortem done in Chennai, not a Villupuram hospital," Case is more serious than that which took place in Hyderabad..A relative of another student said, "The college management harassed and tortured students."

 It is now the duty of politicians like Congress Party leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi, AAP leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Hyderabad Boss MIM leader Mr.Owessi, JDU leader Mr. Tyagi , CPM leader  Mr. Sita Ram Yachuri to go to the said college and market their respective parties. Perhaps they will now assess and ascertain how much they will gain in votes and how much Modi will be affected and then they take a final call. I say so because these clever leaders did not think it necessary to visit places like Malda , Purnia, Pathankot where greater killings and disturbances took place.

These leaders in fact will get such opportunity almost daily  to market their political party because India is a vast country having population of 125 crore giving scope for such incidents or accident taking place in some corner o the country. These stalwarts will have to appoint a permanent body headed by topmost leaders of their parties to visit one corner to other and to achieve the vote target fixed for forthcoming election. In case Mr. Modi gets success in his growth agenda , he will win the next election with thumping majority and all opponents will be thrown out. They should keep in mind that Mr. Modi has already become one of ten most popular leader of the world.

Three girls committed suicide in Tamilnadu. It is another golden (and bigger than Hyderabad story of Rohit where only one person committed suicide ) opportunity for aforesaid leaders to do their politics. Even Media men has got another sensitising story to increase their TRP. Now they may say that girls are not safe under Modi government and they may also take out   a candle march against Modi to ignite fire among all girls and woman. Similarly media men should call some girls and some woman MPs and MLAs to organise a debate on their TV channels so that growth agenda of Mr. Modi do not get coverage .Now Media and clever leaders should  ask resignation from Mr. Narendra Modi PM of this country. This may earn votes of female in their vote bank.

In fact Delhi state is run and managed by   Dy Chief Minister Mr Sisodia whereas CM Mr. Kejriwal has got no portfolio. It is suggested here that Mr. Kejriwal may be given the portfolio of External Affairs (India) who will be supposed to cover conflicts and violence taking place outside Delhi  , specially BJP ruled states . Similarly Mr Rahul Gandhi is vice President of Congress Party and he can be made Minister to Head Ant-Modi campaign because Sonia Gandhi is there to take stock of affairs related to Congress Party. In the same way Mr. Tyagi, Mr. Owessi, Mr. Yachuri have enough time to shoulder the responsibility of maligning Mr. Prime Minister , BJP.

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