Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Appeal To Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

Congress Party ,for the sake of vote bank used secularism for appeasement of Muslim and in turn Muslim who were hard core fundamentalists and who had some affection towards Pakistan empowered themselves , spread their poisonous and anti-national network throughout the country. Specially in places, where Muslims are thickly populated and are in large numbers , hard core Muslims,enemy of India  and Pakistan supporters have created their followers and also motivated weak and dalits to become their followers. 

During six decade long rule of Congress Party in particular and during rule of other non-BJP party rule in some states , naxalism and terrorism have grown and taken deep roots . Naxal elements, Maoists, foreign sponsored Muslim terrorists started their functions freely. They damaged Indian culture, they became undisciplined and disobedient in offices they worked . They created caste snd community based strong lobby in all big offices, banks and political parties. Their duty was to provide protection to all persons of their caste and community even if they commited gross mistakes or they indulged in anti - social and anti-national activities. Many false  NGO formed in the name of Muslim welfare or dalit welfare to extort fund from government as well as individuals and rich business houses. Unfortunately the work of real welfare of Muslim and Dalit was left behind.

 AS a consequence of this biased governance ,and prejudiced management in almost all administrative offices, police departments, public sector undertakings , banks , insurance companies and even in judiciary to a great extent , officers in general became fearful in  taking action against erring Muslim workers or backward class workers and if some of them even try to punish erring Muslim or Dalit , entire Muslim Community or Dalit community come forward to suppress and torture such honest action takers . This culture has taken deep roots and higher officials take it is easy to punish erring Hindu workers or forward caste workers.

 Anti-national activities grew in many parts of the country unabated and they got uncontrolled support from terrorists sitting outside the country. Pakistani Militants and hard core Anti-Indians who are unable to digest four time defeat of Pakistan in war with India are trying for years and decades to weaken India and divide India . For this purpose they got success in creating caste conflicts and communal riots and unfortunately they mostly got success in putting blame on Hindus for their notorious activities.

 In general, Hindu and Muslim live together, work together, sing together, dance together and take care of each other in time of crisis.

Almost all non-BJP political parties who are largely depending on Muslim and Dalit votes manage to come together to malign BJP and RSS and play foul game with nationalists. This helped in dividing Indian society and alienating many hard core Hindus from Muslims. Majority of both community want peace, but a few disturb harmony and their peaceful living.
Since BJP came to power, exposure of black sheep is gradually taking place. People living in our country and worshipping Pakistan are now getting exposed. People who had Pakistani flag in their heart are now coming open. Patriotism and nationalism is getting preference and importance at all levels. Army and police which were become dormant and inactive under political compulsion has also become active, effective and pro-country. 

But during course of time , some of hard core Hindu fundamentalists have also become active under BJP government . And they have also started spreading and promoting poisonous and provocative slogans, songs and materials in all corners , in all meetings , in religious processions, in all functions and rallys. This has created the opposite group more militant and aggressive. 

Now any small incident against or on Dalit or Muslim is highly publicised by Anti-BJP and anti-Hindu groups and political parties. Anti-national groups which became strong during last six decade rule of Congress Party are now leaving no occasion to nail Hindu and to malign BJP and Mr. Narendra Modi. 

In this tug of war, Our country is growing weakness, our country has become a matter of criticism all over the world and more disheartening is that entire growth agenda of Modi let government is getting punctured and delayed or postponed or stopped .

Since Hindu population is three times of that of Muslims and since they consider themselves as more patriot in their heart, it is their duty to take along with them all Muslims and all dalits and try to build trust and confidence in their mind. 
Rather I would like to say that it is their duty to create unity and love among various caste and communities. They have to come forward to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and mutual belongingness. They have not only to spread the message of patriotism but also to prove their patriotism by their action.

 It is true that it is not easy to clean the dirt created and accumulated by previous government during last six to seven decades. Still , present government has to work hard to inculcate good culture among all citizen slowly and gradually and also punish them who act or speak against National interest. 

And the best course of action will be to introduce uniform syllabus comprising chapters on positivity, morals and patriotism upto 12th standard in all schools so that good lessons and love for the country are imbibed in the very childhood. 

Uniformity in education quality and teaching material is maintained in USA where 99 percent of educational institutes are owned and governed by government only. All such schools have to teach same syllabus and conduct same examination. In USA only higher education is in private sector. Similarly Indian government may also work towards uniform education upto 12th standard which will help in making competition for higher education and job at lover level more judicious also. This will help in making All Indian conscious of their role and responsibilities towards nation.

It is very much disheartening that students reading in prestigious university like Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi and Jadavpur University Kolkata are shouting slogans for freedom of Kashmir or Manipur , for destroying India or breaking India into several parts or Pakistan Zindabad .

 Nothing else can be more pathetic and sorrowful for a true Indian .It is very much perturbing that some of national parties like Congress Party and left parties are openly supporting students who are involved in anti-national activities. They are blaming police and central government of attacking on their right of freedom for expression. 

If the slogan 'waging a war till India is destroyed' is not incitement to violence and is not a case of sedition but a voice of dissent only as claimed by persons like Rahul Gandhi, Nitish Kumar and Arvind Kejriwal,
I wonder after all what constitutes sedition in their view. 

Just because leaders of Congress Party or Aam Admi Party or JDU do not like Mr. Narendra Modi or present central government led by BJP , their action of defending illegal actions of individuals who are loyal more to Pakistan and who love persons like Afzal Guru and who condemn execution of Afzal Guru after decade long trial in judiciary cannot be justified from any angle of consideration. I do not hesitate in saying that such political leaders who indirectly supported traitors should also be punished. Any leniency in punishing such traitors and anti-india-slogan-shouters may encourage promoting such anti- national activities.

Students who celbtrate killings of armed forces in Dantewara or killing of armed forces on borders or in Siyachin cannot be considered as true Indian and there is no doubt that such students are under influence of Pakistan based terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed. 

Similarly we cannot justify actions of supporters of Maists who kill tribals and armed forces in the name of defendng tribals or poor and who wage a war against state with arms and who disturb society and peace by anti-national speech,distribute  provocative material and who shout anti-India slogans. 

Government will have to make it crytal clear to all Indian citizens that freedom of speech does not mean waging a war against state or spoiling Indian culture or show love for enemy country like Pakistan . Freedom of speech or any freedom granted by Constitution has to be used under certain check and balances. Freedom of one individual cannot encroach upon freedom of other individual and cannot be allowed to endanger unity and integrity of the country.

Government is therefore duty bound  not only to take stern action against such anti-national elements but also needed to take appropriate action to ensure proper education and imparting of national culture in every citizen from nursary classess to higher classes. 

Government cannot clean the system and cannot change the bad culture overnight but at least can sow the seeds of good culture during their tenure of five years to cut short the negative impact of bad culture created by corrupt Congress party during their six decade long rule.

Government should ban all processions ,religious or social or political. They should ban forming of union or association in college campuses. Students may form subject based cultural or educative committees . They should not be associated with any political party and they should invariably focus on only their course and research activities. Politicians should not be allowed to enter into Temple of education. 

Slogan shouting on roads or in public places must be stopped immediately. It is observed that militant group in all caste and community use reading slogans which hurt other groups and other communities. This spreads slow poison which slowly and gradually convertscinto caste conflictsxand communal riots.

Government should ban publication or telecast of caste based statistics. News reader on any TV channel should not be allowed to speak  caste or community of persons killed,murdered or raped by miscreants. They should simply inform that Indian persons are victim of criminals. They should not be allowed to make caste based analysis of voters and conduct debate on their such ill- motivated statistics.

Government should ban debates and discussion taking place on TV which generates and promotes animosity in one group or the other. They may not be allowed to divide the society and the national unity in the name of freedom of expression. TV media has a great role to play in making of India and if they become hostile to country or any community, they can create havoc and disturb peace anytime. It is they who usually play with emotions and sentiments of viewers. They have to be regulated and monitored in larger interest.

Government should declare and enact proper law which may punish to all processionists or slogan shouters or strikers who destroy public property or indulge in arsoning. Anyone who destroy national property or national image should be punished immediately and such person may be sent to jail by police at least for a day or two as a token punishment without waiting for court trial. And police officers who misuse this power may be punished and prosecuted. It will send a create message that Nation is above all individuals,, all political parties and all groups. Police should enjoy full freedom in dealing with crime .

Every religious body has right to propagate religious teachings and spread love for humanity but all such exercises should be done from their place of worship but not from roads or public places. Normally religious processions are used to tease and downplay importance of other religious groups. This provokes and incite others  groups to take out bigger and more fire brand procession of their religious groups in more militant and provocative way. As a result, two caste groups or communities become enemy of each other and this results in conflicts cand communal riots on many occasions. 

Instead of growing mutual love and harmony , these processions give rise to mutual hatredness and they mostly remain at daggers drawn to each other. This is why I suggest that all activities pertaining to religion should be confined in four wall of religious places like temples, church, masjid and Gurudwara only. 

Any religious or non-religious group acting or provoking others to act against the national interest must be taken to task without any exception. People should fear law,police and law enforcement agencies and in turn all laws,police forces and law enforcement agencies should be trained to remain people friendly.

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