Saturday, February 13, 2016

Do You Still Love Congress Party ?

Beware of leaders of Congress Party.

They have destroyed culture of India, they have eroded security of the country, they have tried their best to irrigate, promote and spread network of naxalism and terrorism in India. They have polluted environment in schools and colleges of higher education.

They have exploited public sector banks for vote bank for decades and destroyed their base and future completely. Now when all public banks are facing burden of bad assets and incurring loss or facing huge erosion in their profits, Congress Party is blaming Modi Government of mismanagement as if bad assets created during last one year or two.

They removed all opponents of Congress Party and finished whoever protested actions of Congress Party.  They imposed hundreds of cases against Baba Ramdeo and Team Anna who tried to expose corrupt rule of Congress Party in the country . They used all police forces to suppress the movement launched against corruption and now they ask Indian government not to take police action against erring students in JNU. In their view arresting anti-national-slogan-shouters are using freedom of expression in JNU but shouters against corrupt Congress rule under banner of Team Anna was involved in anti-national act.

Now Listen Anti-Nation slogans and then say whether it is wrong to call them Traitors

They have promoted a culture of corruption, flattery and yesmanism in all parts of governance. They used to give lucrative posts to followers of Congress Party who used to blindly support misrule of Congress Party.

Country had become weak in the world due to bad politics of Congress Party and now when their misdeeds are getting exposed, Rahul Gandhi is talking of Dalit or minority or nationalism .Congress Party could nothing for Dalits and Minority community during six decades of their rule and now Rahul Gandhi is shedding Crocodile Tears on killing of Rahul Varmula in Hyderabad.

Leaders of Congress Party like Kapil Sibbal ,and Rahul Gandhi justify JNU campus anti-national activities saying that situation in JNU is like emergency and action against anti-nationals is considered by them as attack on  freedom of expression. They are now protesting police action being taken against those who were shouting slogans against India, and who were demanding Azadi of Kashmir and talking of ruining of India.

I remember  Student movement in 1974 had spread all over the country demanding removal of the then Congress Government. At that time leaders of Congress Party were blaming leaders of the then opposition parties of disturbing education system and politicizing students. They used to preach that students should at least be kept away from politics. Now leaders of same  Congress Party like Mr. Rahul Gandhi goes to Hyderabad University and Jawahar Lal University (JNU)  to do dirty politics on anti-national activities . Rahul Gandhi do not feel shame in glorifying students who shouted slogan against India, against Indian judiciary and Indian government .

Listen How Famous Journalist Mr. Arnav Exposed Traitors

Leaders of Congress Party like Mani Shankar Aiyar and Salman Khursid go to Pakistan to seek support in removal of Modi.Their leaders do not hesitate is politicizing Rohit Vermula case but forget all other anti- national  activities going on in our country.

They ,congress party and all opposition parties treated Ishrat Jahan as martyr and they treat killing of armed forces at borders or in Siyachin as normal activities. They left no stone to malign the image of Mr. Narendra Modi alleging killing of Ishrat as fake encounter done by police at behest of Modi.

Leaders of Congress Party created havoc in killing of a Muslim person in Dadri but forget violent activities which took place in Malda, Purunia and other attacks on national properties. They do not have time to express their sorrow on sad demise of arm soldiers on borders or in Siyachin.

Leaders of Congress party during their six decade long rule promoted naxakism and terrorism in the name of secularism.

How long ,you will allow these leaders to irrigate and promote anti national activities for their vote bank?

India is facing danger not only on borders from enemy country but more from cultural invasion from anti national forces  in various forms to divide and disturb Indian society and Indian peace. 

Persons like Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal did not hesitate even supporting JNU students who were shouting Anti- India slogans. Congress Party which imposed emergency in 1975 putting all opponents in jail , which imposed all restrictions on all print  media , which  throttled freedom of speech and which even changed the basic structure of the Constitution is now teaching lesson on freedom of speech.

Sau Chuhe Markar Billi Haz Ko chali

Shameful indeed ,these political goondas will be taught  lessons very soon by none other than voters of this country. Leaders of Congress Party  may no longer fool Indians in the name of secularism.

Please think over it and do something to save our nation from Vibhisons and forces destroying us from within the country.

Indians should think about media too, they have to assess and find out and then weed out anti national journalists and media men who are indulged in maligning and weakening India . They are dividing India into various caste and communal groups and giving more space and more importance on their TV channels to anti national forces.

I submit below some of news clips which exposes malicious intention of Congress Party.

US terrorist-turned-approver David Coleman Headly's deposition before a special court that Ishrat Jahan — a Mumbai teenager killed by Gujarat police in an encounter in 2004 — was a member of Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba.

Ex-IB officer said that Congress leader from Gujarat conspired to implicate Narendra Modi in Ishrat Jahan case: . While presenting his side of the story, the ex-IB officer said, "As Modi had emerged the biggest challenger to the UPA government, they wanted me to give a statement, which could be used as an evidence to implicate the ex-Gujarat CM".

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has said that Modi government is "bullying" an institution like the Jawaharlal Nehru University and it is "completely condemnable", but at the same time asserted that anti-India sentiment is "unquestionably unacceptable".

"Modi Govt & ABVP bullying an institution like JNU simply because it won't toe their line is completely condemnable," the congress vice-president said on Twitter. "While Anti-India sentiment is unquestionably unacceptable, the right to dissent & debate is an essential ingredient of democracy", he added.

Now when police action is taken against bad students and police has become serious against anti-national forces, advocates of Congress Party are saying that police should not enter into university . It means they want police to remain away from university even if terrorist activities continues there, even if some killings take place there , even if  anti-national activities are promoted there. It is very much shameful , all lovers of country will like to condemn JNU incident.

I condemn all politicians who are extending support directly or indirectly to students who shouted slogans against India , who shouted for freedom of Kashmir, who threatened to destroy India and who are glorifying traitors like Afzal Guru. I condemns all who are shouting slogans against Judiciary and terming execution of Afzal Guru as Judicial killing . I think all those students are not at all students but they are purely anti-nationals. And all those politicians who are standing and organising meeting in JNU in support of those students are also undoubtedly and surely anti-nationals.

Government must take all possible hard actions against students and politicians who raised voice against India.

Listen and Watch what is happening in a temple of Education

Sam Verma Writes on Facebok

खतरे का उदघोष बजा है,रणभूमी तैयार करो,
सही वक्त है,चुन चुन करके,गद्दारों पर वार करो,

आतंकी दो चार मार कर हम खुशियों से फूल गए,
सरहद की चिंताओं में हम घर के भेदी भूल गए,

सरहद पर कांटे हैं,लेकिन घर के भीतर नागफनी,...
जिनके हाथ मशाले सौंपी,वो करते है आगजनी,

ये भारत की बर्बादी के कसे कथानक लगते हैं,
सच तो है दहशतगर्दों से अधिक भयानक लगते हैं,

संविधान ने सौंप दिए हैं अश्त्र शस्त्र आज़ादी के,
शिक्षा के परिसर में नारे भारत की बर्बादी के,

अफज़ल पर तो छाती फटती देखी है बहुतेरों की,
मगर शहादत भूल गए हैं सियाचीन के शेरों की,

जिस अफज़ल ने संसद वाले हमले को अंजाम दिया,
जिस अफज़ल को न्यायालय ने आतंकी का नाम दिया,

उस अफज़ल की फांसी को बलिदान बताने निकले हैं,
और हमारे ही घर में हमको धमकाने निकले हैं,

बड़ी विदेशी साजिश के हथियार हमारी छाती पर,
भारत को घायल करते गद्दार हमारी छाती पर,

नाम कन्हैया रखने वाले,कंस हमारी छाती पर,
माल उड़ाते जयचंदों के वंश हमारी छाती पर,

लोकतंत्र का चुल्लू भर कर डूब मरो तुम पानी में,
भारत गाली सह जाता है खुद अपनी राजधानी में,

आज वतन को,खुद के पाले घड़ियालों से खतरा है,
बाहर के दुश्मन से ज्यादा घर वालो से खतरा है,

देशद्रोह के हमदर्दी हैं,तुच्छ सियासत करते है,
और वतन के गद्दारों की खुली वकालत करते है,

वोट बैंक की नदी विषैली,उसमे बहने वाले हैं,
आतंकी इशरत को अपनी बेटी कहने वाले हैं,

सावधान अब रहना होगा वामपंथ की चालों से,
बच कर रहना टोपी पहने ढोंगी मफलर वालों से,

राष्ट्रवाद के रखवालों मत सत्ता का उपभोग करो,
दिया देश ने तुम्हे पूर्ण,उस बहुमत का उपयोग करो,

हम भारत के आकाओं की ख़ामोशी से चौंके हैं,
एक शेर के रहते कैसे कुत्ते खुलकर भौंके हैं,

मन की बाते बंद करो,मत ज्ञान बाँटिये मोदी जी,
सबसे पहले गद्दारों की जीभ काटिये मोदी जी,

नहीं तुम्हारे बस में हो तो,हमें बोल दो मोदी जी,
संविधान से बंधे हमारे हाथ खोल दो मोदी जी,

अगर नही कुछ किया,समूचा भार उठाने वाले हैं,
हम भारत के बेटे भी हथियार उठाने वाले हैं,


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Danendra Jain said...

It happens only in India that political parties do not condemn even students who shouted anti- India slogans. In other countries, all parties are unanimous when the issue relates to unity, integrity as nd security of the country.