Friday, February 26, 2016

An Appeal To Prime Minister of India

Jat agitationists and reservation seekers have destroyed properties  worth hundreds of crores of rupees in the state of Harayana during their agitation demanding reservation for jat community under OBC quota. They have killed many innocent persons and injured hundreds of persons. They have destoryed even schools, hospitals and government offices. They have burnt many cars and other vehicles. They have reportedly even harassed woman , raped and misbehaved with several women. It is very much bad and deserve condemnation from all corners of society.

There may be some anti-national elements in the mob who took advantage of troubled water . There may be a deep conspiracy to disturb social peace and provioke one caste against other and finally divide society to weaken India. Whatsover may be the reason behind it , I have no doubt in saying that BJP government and police of Harayana state have completely failed in stopping rioteers and anti-social elements indulged in mass destruction of properties and mass killing of individuals.

 Since BJP appear to be a figure among  cyphers , I am fan of BJP for decades. But  I never imagined that BJP government will be silent spectators of arsoning and looting undertaken by miscreatns for ten days and more  in the name of any demand or any claim. It is clearly the failure of government machinery.It is complete failure of police whose prime duty is to ensure peace in society and punish law-breakers. I condemn inactive police and dormant government . However  I expect our Prime Minister Mr. Modi will take all possible steps to punish each and every  real culprits , real looters, real arsoners without any biased and prejudiced view.

Agitationists of any state or any political party do not have right to cause damage to national properties. Anyone who cause loss to national or individual properties should be declared as anti -national elements and must be punished without any delay.

I reiterate that It is complete failure of BJP government in Harayana in stopping arsoners and destructors. Hardest legal action must be taken against all who were involved in destroying natinal properties. There is no second option to it.

Rather I would like to suggest to governmen tof India and state government to make a law that anyone indulging in disturbing public life and properties will be treated as criminal and police must be active to catch hold of them , keep them in police custody for at least 15 days and finally book them for appropriate punishment. Government may give some time to such accused person to prove them innocent and to prove that police has taken ill-motivated action.

Normally it is seen that politicial parties come out with rally against ruling party or students come out with rally against government or employees take out procession in demand of wage hike or business community call for market closure against any law or legal action and cause loss to public life. In some cases police arrest them and release them in the same evening. It dilutes the fear in the minds of citizen for action by  police.

Police officer must work as helper and protector to citizen and act against bad individuals in such a promt and justified manner that every person fears police and law of the land. I am sorry to say that present situation is not like that but bitter truth is  that only honest and innocent people fear police and law whereas actual criminals carry out their evil work in support with police and officers related to judiciary.

This culture of police inaction against rioteers and attrocities on innocnet to serve their political masters created by past governments must be put to end immediately. Opponents and protestors should be allowed to lodge their protest only in peacefu manne as it happens in many developed countries.

I am very much sure that state government Harayana will also take all possible steps to book all criminals to task and ensure peaceful living for all. Otherwise BJP will loss its popularity very soon .

I do not hesitate in condemning media men and jouranlists who were adding fuel to fire by telecasting unfiltered news on rioting. Media men may talk of their freedom in reporting, but they should also understand that unfiltered news on such arsoning and disturbances may incite more violence , more aggravated caste war, more arsoning, counter violence and so on.

On the other hand if media men are sensitive to loss caused to public life and public property, they will try to condemn it, they will try to display the news on TV in diluted way and help police in taking control of disturbed situation.

But the fact is that these mediamen for the sake of their TRP distrub police in taking action by asking several questions, irrelevant questions and question their ability. They carry out so many hot debates on their TV and cause escalation of violence in other parts of the state and other corners of the country. Role of media men and journalists have in the past also remained a bone of contention and they have been questioned by peace lovers so many times.

It is journalists and media men  who leak secrets of police action at the time of treror attacks and give valuable inputs to terrorists sitting outside India. Role of major section of media has always been negative in such cases. They get more TRP in giving more and more news on crime, on rapes, on murders, on violence, on arsoning and on all anti-social activites  taking place in the state. In addition, more often than not , they present distorted  picture of such incidents and provoke more violence and cause more losses to society and nation. I condemn their such negative role . They are generally not makers but damagers .

If at all media men want to take stock of entire episode in true spirit , they should do it and report entire facts and figures in a sealed CD or envelope directly to police supremo and Home Ministry of the government for corrective and punitive action. This action will prove helpful in keeping peace . They should give news in such a way that rioteers become afraid of action and stop furhter escalation in violence. Gvoeernment must take necessary step to regulate such media men and journalists who are misusing their freedom of expression.

Jat quota stir: Sporadic incidents of arson as Haryana limps to normalcy

Normal supply of water to Delhi from Haryana, which had been disrupted due to the Jat stir, is likely to be restored by Monday evening.

- See more at:

Jat stir kills 10 and injures 150 in Haryana -Economic Times

Arson and violence continued unabated in parts of Haryana today where yet another town Kaithal was brought under curfew this afternoon as the death toll in the Jat quota agitation mounted to 10, with four more people succumbing to injuries overnight.

Road and rail traffic remained paralysed as essential supplies, including fuel, milk and vegetables were severely hit. ATMs were also running out of cash, official sources said.

Haryana govt to provide relief for property loss during jat quota stir-Times of India

CHANDIGARH: Haryana government on Wednesday announced that those who suffered property loss during jat quota agitation could claim upto 25 per cent as interim relief immediately on the basis of self-assessment of the damage.

An official spokesman said the state government announced to give an interim or part assistance immediately to those who would submit their details on a prescribed proforma.

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