Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dirty Politics of Arvind Kejriwal Will Prove Fatal

People of India should be beware of politicians who are supporting even anti-india-slogan-shouters in the name of right to freedom of speech.  .
These politically greedy and ambitious persons are ready to extend support to all who are abusing Modi. For them Pakistan and all terrorists are their friends if they help in removal of Modi from power.

Supreme Court has also taught a lesson to clever Kejriwal CM Delhi and his Minister Sri Kapil Mishra on their case realted to non-availability of water due to Jat agitation in Harayana. Kejriwal faced humiliating response also in issue related to management quota imposed by his government on private schools. Mostly he faced defeat in court.

It has become habit of Kejriwal to abuse Modi, blame LG, blame BJP and RSS and then file a case in court of law. He perhaps do not believe in dialoguesand does not believe in theory of reconciliation. He simply sensitise all petty issues to get maximum TV coverage.

In India, no other CM cries and uses fake and lame excuses to hide his fault and to conceal deficiency of his government as clever Kejriwal use to do frequently.

I know ,Kejriwal is new in politics and in managing affairs of the government. But he may learn a lot of things with his colleagues ,his opponents and from past records of Delhi government, provided he likes to do so. He however believes in shouting as he used to shout rightly or wrongly during agitational programs a few years ago before becoming CM of Delhi. It will be better for him if he concentrate in Delhi at least for five years to gain adequate experience on Indian politics as well as on principle of management.

It is only and the first CM who used unparliamentary words for PM of this country as nd instead of repenting ,he felt proud for his abusing words used to malign Modi frequently. No other CM criticize BJP led central government as Kejriwal does. No other CM of Delhi in the past abused LG Delhi as clever Kejriwal did.

It is therefore needed and desirable that Kejriwal mends his style of functioning. He need to carry out more introspection than indulge in extrospection .

Kejriwal said in Delhi while addressing a rally taken out in protest against Rohit and JNU case ,"There should be no political activity in edu campuses".

But I am unable to understand why Kejriwal went o Hyderabad university on issue of Rohit and why did he led and spoke on students rally which was organised in Delhi on 23rd of this month  in support of JNU students who are facing sedition charges. He knew very well that  cases ralted to JNU episode are pending in court of law.

Does Kejriwal consider Indian people fool,?

It is he who is using students to brighten his career . He uses to visit IIT and IIM campuses. He gave a call to students to support his movement against corruption of UPA government. And now he is using students to malign and abuse Modi. He is the most shameless person and has got no moral to preach sermons to others. He has disturbed India and he is now most hated person.

Some people say that he is doing good work in Delhi. I say that even great looter Veerapan was worshipped in his village because he used to loot people from other states as nd do some charity work in his village. I remember a old hindi proverb, " Gau marker Juta Dan"

Kejriwal along with Rahul and Yachuri like politicians are inciting and provoking students to use this JNU episode and suicide of Rohit case to brighten his political career . These politicians are real traitors who are taking law and judiciary in their hands . They want to guide and force police, court and investigation agency to act as per their whims. They will tell police who should be arrested and who should be awarded with certificate of nationalism. Students involved in crying anti-india-slogan-shouters are patriot in eyes of these politicians.

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