Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ex-Service Men Come Forward To Save Nation From Traitors

Today's News : 21.02.2016

Scores of ex-servicemen and people from various walks of life on Sunday participated in a unity march against the alleged anti-national sloganeering on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus over the hanging of 2001 Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

The protest was organised under the banner 'March For Unity To Save The Country'.

"People from all walks of life have come here to join this protest against the anti-national sloganeering on the JNU campus. The protest has been organised by an apolitical group ?People for Nation? to support nation's spirit," said one of the protestors.

My Comment:

Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Nitish Kumar, Sita Ram Yachuri like politicians will now say that ex- serviceman are also dancing as puppet of RSS and BJP. These politically motivated persons do not have love for country, they are more worried about their vote bank.

Left parties will spoil students to empower their failed ideology, they spoiled fate of working class and they did not allowe business growth in West Bengal and Kerala w
here they remained in power for decades. These leftist used workers to improve their political career and spoilt business environment. Now these leftists are trying to use students to brighten their political interest and there is no doubt that career of students will also be damaged.

Congress party ruled this country for six decades and did nothing for raising income level of poor, backward class and minority groups, but now when BJP is in Government. Rahul Gandhi and his brigade are provoking dalits and Muslims towards violence to malign current government. They do not feel shame even  in supporting even anti-India-slogan-shouters.

When a person is insulted by another person ,he may file a case of defamation against him. But now when entire Mother India is insulted by few students, these black sheep politicians are pleading release of accused persons and standing along with anti-india-slogan-shouters .

Shameful indeed...

I salute ex-servicemen whose DNA is to protect country and citizens  have come forward to safeguard India . I hope politicians will take lessons from these retired armed soldiers who fought several wars against enemy and who did all their best to provide relief to all citizens in critical situation like flood , epidemic or domestic disturbances. These ex-servicemen are not involved in any party politics. For them Nation is like God and they apply full energy and extend wholehearted support to India and Indian citizens and properties.

I believe that politicians of all parties, all caste and all communities will discard their self interest and think for safety, unity and integrity of Nation. 

Our country India is above all party politics. If India is safe and united, then only politicians can do their politics. I do not want to take name of politicians , but  dirty politicians are getting exposed and assessed on freely available social sites like Facebook and twitters. Foreign based terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed may praise their action and their stand on JNU episode, but common men have started hating dirty and anti-nationals.

I hope journalists and media men who are maligning India's image to please their promoters and to satisfy their personal ego will also shed their personal and political sentiments and immediately stop extending indirect and veiled support to anti-India-Slogan-Shouters. I do not like to name evil minded journalists but they are also getting exposed in freely available social sites like Facebook and twitters.

Politicians and media men have to change their habit of blaming RSS and Modi for all incidents . People of  India understand the reality of all politicians and all incidents which take place in any corner of this country. They should not underestimate the potential of mind of common men. If politicians cry loudly that RSS or BJP is behind any incident, people of India do not believe them blindly but apply their mind and they have the capacity to identify real culprit.

I therefore appeal to politicians and media men to leave the fate of Anti-India-Slogan Shouters on judiciary and police .Let law take its course of action against guilty of Mother India.

Please do not take law into your hands.

Please do not sit on chair of Judge , Please avoid media trial .

Please do not try to pollute minds of talented viewers and common men. Please do not empower the hands of terrorists sitting outside India .

Please do not extend support to enemy country and do not weaken our country .

Please do not become victim of foreign forces who are trying their best to divide us and to create caste conflicts and to incite communal riots .

Sri Gaurav Sharma has rightly and correctly exposed one journalist who happens to be key figure on NDTV. I give below the link to said video clip.

I salute Sri Gaurav Sharma ji for exposing age old rubbish fellow in his video clip. 

Sri sri 108 Ravish , 

There are some more black sheep in field of journalism who have sold their soul and sold their conscience for getting some pieces of notes or for making false image .

 But people who are talented have now started exposing these anti-national journalists who in disguise of journalism misusing Right to Freedom of speech for their self interest and at the cost of National Interest. 

I think more and more people should come forward to expose these traitors and declare a day to celebrate Dhikkar Diwas to condemn those journalists who are maligning image of the country and who does not understand the meaning of anti_India slogans used by students in JNU and who does not understand the meaning of patriotism or nationalism.

I am also astonished that fake journalist and fake politicians do not even understand the meaning of National feeling and patriotism.

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