Friday, February 19, 2016

Protect Image , Unity And Safety Of Country

Listen (Link showing  TV debate in You Tube is given below)

How anchor of NDTV is seen as  working as advocate of traitors and trying to suppress the issue of anti-nationals with holliganism which took place as a spontaneous reaction to misdeeds of anti-India-slogan-shouters, please listen upto the end.

Some of Opponents of BJP and Mr. Narendra Modi are so much selfish that they do not feel shame in ignoring dirty act of JNU students and highlighting the manhandling and hooliganism which took place in court campus while presenting accused Kanhaiya Kumar in court of Magistrate.

Even Human Right Commission has taken cognizance of court incident when a few advocates tried to manhandle accused Kanhiya Kumar but ignored incidents of rape committed by a few bad students  on Mother India which took place in JNU campus. 

Rahul Gandhi, Nitish Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal like politicians talk of freedom of students but do not feel shame in standing  in support of anti-national elements in JNU campus. A section of Media men also keep mum on origin of tremor which shook entire India but talking of freedom of speech only.

When Indira Gandhi was killed by a security guard in her home in 1984, followers of congress party created havoc in entire India and killed thousands of innoce
nt Sikhs and destroyed and looted properties of hundreds of crores of rupees. Further they did not ensure even court to decide on the issue for three decades. They are now asking why police is unable to catch hold of culprits and why has police arrested only Kanhaiya Kumar.

It is shameful indeed that  some students of JNU attacked on Mother India and threatened to destroy India and break it into pieces and still some of TV media and same congress party followers are trying to ignore killers of Mother India and asking questions after questions on incident which place in spontaneous reaction to attack on mother India. They are trying for release of Kanhaiya Kumar and keeping silence on those who attacked on Mother India. They are now talking of freedom of speech but they do not have patience to wait till police and court complete their task of  investigation, collect evidence and decide on the issue judiciously.

 Similarly some of journalists are taking entire judiciary and police system in their hands in deciding who are anti-nationals and who are not. What police should do and what not, what BJP government should not do in handling JNU episode and what it should have done. But at the same time they do not hesitate in   preaching sermons to advocates not to take law in their hands while protesting misdeeds of accused Kanhaiya Kumar in court of law.

Biased Media men are repeatedly telecasting and showing their viewers where Mr. O P Sharma ( who manhandled protestors ) is and what did he do in court campus . But they do not consider that it is their duty to find out and show where culprits lie Umar Khalid are hidden and they not think it wise to help police in exposing the misdeeds of ill-motivated students. Media men give news on their TV channels how police has formed five or ten teams to trap guilt students of JNU campus and where they are moving and in which states the are going to raid. They give avoidable inputs to accused so that they may get rid of police trap and run away to more safer place.

I remember how the same media used to give inputs to terrorist camps when terror attack in Mumbai was in progress and police team was in process of finding out and arresting terrorists who carried out serial blast in Mumbai. Media men do not treat it their duty to help government in trapping the culprits but feel great in pointing out deficiency of the government. It appears as if these media men are not Indians but agent of enemy of India or they are agents of Opponents of BJP.

 Congress party perhaps do not remember that they took more than two years to punish Kasab and more than a decade to punish Afzal Guru and others. They lodged more than 80 cases against Ramdeo but did not arrest corrupt leaders of its own government and did not provide justice to victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy even after lapse of four decades. They are now raising their eyebrows  and asking why BJP led government failed to catch culprits of JNU campus and asking question of capacity, integrity and efficiency of Delhi  police.

I am very sad that some of politicians and some of media are not bothered about our nation and they have undoubtedly sold their soul and conscience just to please their high command ,to serve their self, to satisfy their ego and also to serve anti-national elements sitting outside as well as within the country. They are not trying to understand that their such misbehaviour, their improper and irrational support to anti-India-slogan-shouters and unwarranted debate on such issues on TV channels not only send wrong message to Pakistan based terrorists camps but also encourage anti-national activities within India.

I would like say here that seeds of anti- national activities sown during rule of Congress party only and now the poisonous fruits are sold openly in Market in entire India. Modi government is now simply trying to catch them , expose them , weed them out or diluting the evil effects of evil culture created by Congress party.

I hope however that all political parties will shed their personal sentiments, move above party politics, discard vote banks politics and stand united and unanimous on all issues which concerns image of the country, which concerns growth of the country  and which relates to unity and safety of the country.
I request them to leave the issue of criminality of the case to be decided by police and court of law . I request media men not to sit on chair of Judge and not to decide on their TV channels as to who is culprit and who is not without verifying pros and cons of the matter and without looking into all real evidences.

In my opinion, persons who are supporting directly or indirectly anti-India-slogan-shouters are equally guilty of indulging in anti-India activities.  I do not know whether charges of sedition are applicable to students or not but I have no doubt that those students are guilty of being anti-national and their supporters are equally so. Law should take its own course of action and should not spare anyone whosoever is found to be guilty of maligning the image of the country.

I make an earnest appeal to elected representatives Member of Parliament of each political party or individuals to treat all national issues above all party politics and support government in punishing all  persons who are found to be  Mother India

I would also like to suggest Government of India to make adequate legal provisions to punish all those processionists , strikers and protesters who in the name of freedom cause violence and burn national properties. They can lodge their protest to any action of the government and they may put their demand  before government on any issue silently and without violence too.

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