Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kejriwal Again Blames Police and Modi

Mr Kejriwal appears to me as half minded or growing mental bankruptcy. He is abusing Delhi police for arresting Kanhaiya Kumar . Various processions have been taken out by political parties to lodge protest against arresting of Kanhaiya Kumar . Now he is saying why police has not arrested other four culprits. It means it is Kejriwal ,not police who will decide, who is culprit and who is not and who has to be arrested and who has to be spared. He will decide who are freedom fighters and who are enemy of democracy.

Further he questions police why did they not take action against persons who were shouters in court campus patiala house and  who created some nuisance in court compound. When students in JNU shouted condemnable slogans against India and when police became active to arrest culprits, same Kejriwal accused police of being brutal with demonstrators and alleged that police is attacking on right of freedom available to students under law.

It will be better if he is made police constable and Mr Bassi be made CM so that he will understand what his role is and what is the role of a police officer.

 Obviously Kejriwal is trying to appear as cunning fellow. He   is bent upon accusing police and Narendra Modi for all incidents, rightly or wrongly to hide his own failures. He is having no portfolio to manage. It has now become his duty to only abuse leadership of other parties and create space for Kejriwal in other states.

He is in fighting mood with his officers , his police personnel, LG , PM Mr Modi and all who criticise his bad actions. He has lodged several cases in court of law against his opponents and lost most of them .Still he is not ashamed of his childish act, his immature behaviour and illegal steps taken by him during last one year of rule in Delhi.

He is not bothered of his duty towards people of Delhi, he is now worried how to remove Modi and BJP from power and how to become PM of this country.

Three years ago he used to abuse all leaders of Congress party and treated them all looters. As soon as he became CM of Delhi ,he cleverly forgot all charges of corruption which he had labelled against many leaders of Congress party .Rather he became friend of Congress party because his next target is to remove Modi.

As such he has discarded the task of elimination of corruption from  Delhi and from country. Now his new strategy is to project him as enemy of communal forces and started appearing as enemy of communal forces and promoter of secularism.

His double standard in politics, his greed for power and his hollowness and lack of experience in governance has become crystal clear to majority of common men. This is why people have started treating  him as insane, mad, stupid and so on. He failed to stop corruption of his own Ministers, his colleagues and his officers. How can he dream of becoming PM of this country? His own colleague Mr Santosh Hegde has found him failed in eradication of corruption. His old colleagues who were part of movement against corruption have discarded him only due to his whimsical decisions.

Rather ,he will very soon face sharp reduction in volume of love of Delhi voters too. He can no more befool voters of this country by making hollow promises or by making wild charges against all who oppose him. There is no doubt to me that he and his Party will face defeat in election even in Delhi in near future. .

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