Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rahul Gandhi Politics And Nationalism

After all, at least High Court Allahabad has taken cognizance of nuisance created by Rahul Gandhi in JNU and his indirect support to anti-India-slogan-shouters. He must be taken to task for his extraordinary greed for power and using evil ways to gain votes. There is no doubt that students involved in Anti-nationals slogans are primarily punishable under law of sedition. But in India, committing a crime, promoting and inciting a crime are equally punishable. And hence Rahul Gandhi has also committed the same crime as few of immature students committed crime against Nation in JNU university.

If for God sake ,court punishes Rahul Gandhi, called as pappu even by one day jail, it will send a clear message to all trouble creators as well as to them who are trying fishing in troubled water. Students are immature and may be motivated by anti-national elements . Students may become victim of anti-national forces due to their immaturity. But a person like Rahul Gandhi who happens to be vice-president of a national political party cannot be excused if he also extends support to anti-India -Slogan-Shouters. It is known to all how Mani Shankar Aiyar and Salman Khurshid under instruction from High Command approached ISI and Pakistan leaders to help Congress Party in removal of Narendra Modi , PM of this country.

All politicians, individuals and media men whoever are supporting anti-India-slogan-shouters are guilty of Mother India and are liable to be punished. Opponents of Modi have every right to criticise Mr Narendra Modi PM and BJP led government, but they do not have any right to malign India and support anti-nationals or to those who are waging a war against India or who have threatened to destroy India, who threaten to break India's unity and  who ridicule judicial killing of Afzal Guru, who treat Afzal Guru guilty of attack on Parliament as Hero and who demand freedom of Kashmir or Manipur or who threaten to  finish Modi PM of the country.

Opponents of Mr. Modi or BJP has every right to criticise policies of current government but they do not have right to promote terrorists who threaten to destroy India. It is purely misuse of Right of Freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Rather all political parties should extend unconditional support to present central government in dealing with anti-national elements. Unfortunately opposition parties in India are playing purely negative role and putting all possible hurdles in good works initiated by Modi Government. It is they who are disturbing Parliament on petty issues .

Leaders of Congress Party should at least learn lesson from their own leader Indira Gandhi who after her humiliating defeat in election kept mum for more than two years and till the then Janta Party rule collapsed due to its own in-fighting.

When people in mob burnt national property in Malda and Purnia , Rahul Gandhi did not say that it is terrorism or nationalism. That was not anti-national act  in his view, perhaps he considers them patriotism. Rahul Gandhi chose to visit Hyderabad University to market Dalit votes but did not think it necessary to express sympathy on killings of armed forces. He is nothing less than a mad man in my view. He should learn politics first and then come to politics or remain confined in his home. He does not feel hesitation in demanding release of Kanhaiya Kumar who is accused of being indulged in anti-national activities and who arrest is granted and certified by order of court.

Rahul did not perhaps listen or pretend to be unaware of what Kanhaiya Kumar and his brigade shouted on 10th of Fab in JNU, he perhaps did not  understand   the meaning of slogans which Umar Khalid and his followers along with Kanhaiya Kumar and his brigade shouted in JNU but Rahul treat it beneficial for his vote bank to react on what happened in court campus.

 Had police reacted and attacked them by lathi in court , Rahul and his followers could have considered it as police brutality. When police arrested Kanhaiya and Ghilani who shouted slogans against India , people like Rahul treat it as attack on freedom of speech and hence those who shouted against Kanhaiya in court campus are anti-national in his view and hence he and his party plead dismissal of police commissioner Mr. Bassi.

Rahul Gandhi  should at least remember how during rule of Congress party , police in midnight attacked Ramdeo Baba and his brigade at Jantar Mantar in Delhi . Rahul Gandhi and his party left no stone unturned to torture Ramdeo Baba , Team Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal team when they were fighting against corruption of UPA Government.  Now Rahul Gandhi has become a laughing stock when he talks of freedom of speech or welfare of Dalit or police brutality.

Leaders of Left parties and Congress Party  are now talking of human rights and Constitutional right of freedom of expression. They were supporting Indira government when she imposed emergency in the country and put all opponents in jail. There was no freedom to individuals or to media during the period of emergency. At least leftists and Congress party leaders under Modi Government are  free to shout against Modi and BJP led government. Leaders of Congress Party did not tolerate people's voice against dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi during seventies and did not tolerate people's movement against corruption of Congress Parties but they are ready to tolerate students who shouted anti-India -slogan -shouters.

 Leaders of Congress Party and left parties  were sleeping when police ente
red into Golden Temple Amritsar to flush out terrorists. These leaders were silent when students were celebrating in JNU campus when our armed forces were killed in Dantewara in the year 2010. These leftists were part of UPA government a few years ago.

And the pertinent point is that this culture of waging war against India in university campuses is created, irrigated and promoted by leftist also. This evil culture in educational campuses is not at all creation of Modi or his government. Anti-national culture not taught in a year or two, it has been persisting since long and it is painful that national party like Congress Party remained not only silent spectator of the same, but they encouraged it for their vote bank.

Every Indian who is a little bit conscious about Indian politics and who  know the true character of these leftists as well as that of leaders of congress party who are trying to support traitors in the name of freedom cannot be swayed away by hue and cry made by these leaders . People of this great country may not excuse those who stand along with traitors of this country.

I think leaders of  Congress Party , AAP, JDU have lost their conscience when they silently support anti-India-slogan-shouters. Had they been truly patriotic , they could have raised voice against their leaders at least in their party forum or could have resigned from the party.  Congress Party faced vertical split in the past on the issue of morals , principals and party ideology. But unfortunately in modern age , flattery has become key of success and hence ideology has got no place in such parties.

I am not surprised when editor of a National daily Economic Times writes editorial in support of slogan shouters and who want action against police but not against anti-India-slogan -shouters. I have no doubt that print media of Times groups and TV channels like NDTV will soon lose its popularity and people will not hesitate in discarding their newspaper or TV channel.

Leaders of all political parties should learn lessons from at least leaders Pakistan who are unanimous in their offensive against India. They should learn from countries like USA, Russia,,France, UK ,Japan. Germany where people have zero tolerance against terrorism and against all who try to belittle their country. 

It is in India only where media and all opponents of Modi do not hesitate even in weakening our country and strengthening the hands of enemies of the country for removal of a duly elected government led by Modi. It is possible only in India where national interest is sacrificed to serve self interest or party' s interest.

It would be a memorable day for our country if all political parties, all news channels and all individuals speak in voice against those who try to malign or threaten our country.

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