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Authorisation of Unauthorized Colonies

It is a crime to legalise an illgally occupied property. Court cannot justify authorisation of unauthorised property. Otherwise everyone will first try to occupy a land of others and then claim for its ownership. Samething happens in case of encroachment on roadside. First small traders and poor hawkers start trading in small manner in front of permanent shopkeepers and create jam on road ,gradually they spread the area, make it pucca and then become owner of it . If any Govt try to remove them at a later date, say after few years, opposition parties will make clamour and ask for their authorisation or compensation or rehabilitation of them. This is called an emotional blackmail without any legal sanctity. This is called dirty politics for vote bank. This leads to anarchy and this is called as exploitation cin the name of democracy.

When there is jam due to illegal encrochers  , people will start blaming  government in failing to manage traffic. When permanent shopkeepers cry for justice because their sale is adversely affected , no one will help because it will necessitate removal of unauthorised and illegal encrochers which will turn attract anger of poor who are  illegal occupants of government land. None of parties or Social workers will come to rescue of permanent and lawful shopkeepers whose sale is affected by illegal acts of poor because every political leader appear to look like a messiah of poor. Noe is bothered of justice and lawful governance.

Government of Delhi has every right to allot a land for extremely poor under social welfare scheme and it may be handed over to poorest among poor under a transparent manner without making any discrimination. Government can spend any amount for poor and small traders in legal, transparent , unbiased and non-discriminatory manner under a well defined policy. Government can construct houses for slum dwellers and for poor in general.

Government can construct Dharamshalas for downtrodden and destitutes but cannot promote a culture which violates existing laws and guidelines. 

AAP government criticise a government when it allots land at cheaper rate to industialists in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner to promote industrilisation, it objects to government when it allots land for building of schools and colleges and so on. But AAP itself think it wise in authorisation of unauthorised colonies , how far it is justified. 

It means in the name poor, the party can bypass existing laws and trying to run the government in an arbitary, dictatorial and whimsical manner. Party cannot act as a dictator only because it has won almost all seats.

Kejriwal cannot eradicate poverty and cannot give comfort to poor only by resorting to illegal ways and only by teaseing opposing political parties . Subsidising power and water cannot solve problems of poor permanently. He is a litigation master and even after so many defeat in courts, he does not hesitate in bypassing laws and humiliating even LG of Delhi. 

In order to humiliate Modi , a duly elected Prime Minister of India , Kejriwal has broken all records of political madness . Kejriwal feels elevated when he forces elected MPs to travel by bus to attend Parliament so that his ego is satisfied under ODD-EVEN plan introduced by him .He can satisfy his ego but cannot fool voters all the time. 

Perhaps this is the key reason that Delhi is considered better as Union Territory . Othewise a person like Kejriwal can ban entry of even PM and other international guests in Delhi if Delhi is made full fledged state.

Kejriwal cannot make Delhi pollution free by periodical odd-even policy for private cars ,he can however reduce traffic jams by bannig plying of all vehicles on all weekdays. After all he is king of Delhi , he can force everyone to stop using all types of vehicles and push them in the era of Samrat Ashok or before. Pollution will be reduced to fifty percent if all vehicles are banned in Delhi. He does not understand and realise the trouble delhites are facing due to odd-even . He is mad if he thinks that Delhites are happy with this. Obeying rule of a government and avoiding fine is one thing and acceptance of a policy is entirely a different story.

I think in history of politics, Kejriwal may be reckoned and catagorised in the list of Tugluq type rulers. He may win the elction in Delhi once again ( Lalu won four times ) and he  can win also Punjab election, but it cannot be considered as his success and his victory in his fight against corruption. He promised to give India a different politics, a difference governance and different rule . But he failed to stop corruption of his own ministers and his party members.

Unfortunately Kejriwal appears to be acting worst than dirty traditional politicians associated with other political parties. Winning an election does not prove that a man has peformed better and judiciously. 

In our country many criminals also win the election . It does not mean that crime of criminals can be ignored . Even Rabri Devi won the election and he became CM of a bigger state like Delhi. In comparision to Bihar, Delhi is a very small state. 

Kejriwal had declared many politicians as corrupt and promised to send them to jail as soon as he came to power. He forgot all those charges after becoming CM of Delhi. Now he is targeting Modi and Modi only . He is indirectly targeting Chiar of PM and not working sincerely for Delhites, neither to eliminate corruption.

In our country , media men also play a bigger role in creation of wave in favour of a political party . I do not want to commment on them now.,because media men are also great blackmailers. They are also paid agents of some party or the other.They seldom think for the country ,they more often than not, think for money and for their promoters.

In our country , govrnment will first force PSU banks for reckless lending and brainless expansion of branches. When these loans become unrecoverable and declared as bad debts, the same government will force bankers for writing off bad loans or allowing One Time Settlement involving sacrifice of huge money to support bad borrowers.. When banks and branches become loss making and unviable , same government will then plead merger of banks and consolidation of banks so that malady of one bank is absorved and concealed under the cover of a strong bank.

When all banks become weak, they will infuse capital and impose tax burden of common men. Who will stop this madness going on in the country in the name of poor ?  Actual money is being looted by  politicians as well as bankers and other middlemen. There is none to punish real culprit because there are culprits in all offices and all branches of all banks. That is why it is in overall interest of all concerned that Government of India hides all malady in the name of economic recession and global slowdown.

Now even Kjriwal questions government why lacs of crores of rupees are sacrificed in write off of loans and why Mallya fly away out of country? He will never try to help banks in recovery of bad debts from bad borrowers.

How Can AAP Government Regularise Unauthorised Colonies, Asks High Court-NDTV-29.04.2016

The Delhi High Court has rapped the Aam Aadmi Party government asking how it can regularise unauthorised colonies, comprising illegal structures and buildings, without proper building plan approvals.

"Obviously it (regularising any unauthorised colony) has to follow building bylaws," a bench of justices BD Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva said, adding "you (government) can do it only under the framework of law".

Building bylaws define how land can be used, permissible construction area (FAR) and height of structures, among other things.
The court's oral observation came on a plea by two lawyers seeking to restrain the Delhi government from regularising any unauthorised colony with illegal structures and buildings in the city till the framing of a holistic policy. On which the court sought stand of the Centre, Delhi government, Delhi Development Authority, the three municipal corporations, New Delhi Municipal Council and Delhi Cantonment Board by May 25.

The application, seeking quashing of regulations of 2007 and 2008 for regularisation of the colonies, was moved in the ongoing public interest litigation on "seismic stability" of buildings in the capital.

The court had already directed the government to formulate an action plan to minimise the disaster in the city in the event of an earthquake.

The petitioners sought directions to the government authorities to frame a holistic policy on regularisation of unauthorised colonies, taking into account safety of buildings, under direct supervision of the court and implement the policy in a time-bound manner.

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