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Kejriwal Challenges Modi To Arrest Sonia Gandhi

Arvind Kejriwal, The Chief Minister of Delhi says, "the Prime Minister does not have "enough courage" to arrest Sonia Gandhi and that the two parties have an "alliance in corruption"

Kejriwal says that Modi is scared of arresting Sonia Gandhi. I simply ask him why he after becoming Chief Minister of Delhi is scared of arresting Shiela dikshit, Nitin Gadkari, Salman Khurshid and other politiicans who were declared by him as the most corrupt politicians of the country when he was associated with Team Anna movement against corruption. He used to claim that he possessed enough proof against alleged leaders to send them to jail . He used to blame the then Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh for shielding corrupt leaders in his cabinet.

Kejriwal alleged that Arun Jaitley , present Finance Minister is involved in corruption associated with DDCA and asserted that he possesses enough proofs against Mr. Jaitley .

Why did he not arrest Jaitley because as per his version ,cause of action and that of crime has taken place in the area of Delhi state where he is presently in Government and he has been Chief Minister of Delhi for more than a year?

When Kejriwal was not Chief Minister, he used to cry loudly that as soon as he is elected CM of Delhi , all corrupt politicians will be sent to jail. Now he is Chief Minister of Delhi for last more than one year and he is having full power, why is he not arresting those politicians who were declared most corrupt and thieves by none other than Mr. Kejriwal himself from the dias at Jantar Mantar?

As far as I know , Government of Delhi headed by Mr. Kejriwal has not arrested a single political leader from either Congress Party or Bhartiya Janta Party though he often use to say that these two parties work hand in glove with each other. One may say easily that Mr. Kejriwal is also hand in glove with BJP and Congress Party to remain in power.

Kejriwal furhter challenges Narendra Modi , Prime Minister of India to arrest Sonia Gandhi and adds that Modi is scared of Sonia. I would like to say here that Sonia Gandhi also lives in Delhi and Kejriwal is CM of Delhi and hence if he has full proof of Sonia Gandhi's involvement in Augusta Helicopter deal , he is duty bound to arrrest her and create an example for Mr. Modi . Kejriwal has got a golden opportunity to show people of India that he has got 56" chest , not Mr. Modi.

Questioning the Congress on the issue of PM's alleged "fake" degree, Kejriwal also said that the two parties had a "setting" that the BJP government will not arrest Gandhi in chopper scam and the Congress will not raise the matter of Modi's educational qualification.

I ask Kejriwal ,why he does not arrest Sonia Gandhi as well as Narendra Modi because both live in delhi only and he is head of an elected Government. When he can go to Hyderabad to plead for Rohit Vermula , he can plead for Lalu or Nitish in Bihar, he can plead safety for Mamta , he can arrest any political leader who is corrupt in his eyes and from his angle of consideration. He did not arrst his own minister guilty of using fake law degree and who is now in jail.

Why Mr. Kejriwal does not arrest own collegaues in his party and in his government who are accused of being involved in corruption or in fake degrees. At least he can suo motto initiate legal action against his own party members to begin with and to prove that he is real crusader against corruption. He should establish by his action that he does what he says.

I am quoting news published in The Times of India on 31st January 2014 to remind Mr. Kejriwal what he had said more than two years ago.

Arvind Kejriwal names 20 top ‘corrupt’ leaders, says Rahul, Modi spending crores-The Times of India

"I have made a list of corrupt people. This is just the beginning and the list will grow.

"I am presenting the names to you, and you decide whether these people should be elected to parliament or not."

Kejriwal went on to name former BJP president Nitin Gadkari, cabinet ministers Sushikumar Shinde, P Chidambaram, Salman Khurshid, M Veerappa Moily, Kapil Sibal, Kamal Nath, Sriprakash Jaiswal, Praful Patel and Sharad Pawar, Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi, BSP chief Mayawati, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav, central minister Farooq Abdullah, Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi, DMK's Kanimozhi, BJP's Ananth Kumar and B S Yeddyurappa and BJP MP Anurag Thakur.

I am quoting below news of NDTV of 6th Fab 2014 to recollect the memory of Mr. Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal's government orders probe against Sheila Dikshit in streetlighting scam-NDTV

Arvind Kejriwal's government has asked the anti-corruption bureau to file an FIR or First Information Report against former chief minister Sheila Dikshit for her alleged role in a scam linked to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi

I would like to tell media men who are blind supporter of Mr. Kejriwal to ask above mentioned questions to Mr. Kejriwal in the interest of the country because madness and insanity of Kejriwal has been shamelessly and without fear of legal repercussions continuously causing much damage to image of the country since long. Abusing duly elected Prime Minister of India sends wrong message to International media . Kejriwal has been ridiculing a PM since long and people of India has at large been tolerant of his misbehaviour

If Mr. Kejriwal does not understand it will, the people of India must exercise 'Right To Recall " to remove Kejriwal from Power. I say so , because it was he and his Guru Mr. Anna Hazare who used to demand Right to Recall an elected representative during the tenure of Manmohan Singh led UPA government.

It is also proper to point out here that none of other Chief Ministers are using abusing words for Mr. Modi i.e. for Mr. PM as Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has been consistently and relentlessly using abusing words of honourable and respectable Prime Minister Mr. Modi

Also Read Why Mr. Kejriwal Will continue To Abuse Modi till 2019

Degree of obsession: Why Kejriwal will keep snapping at PM Modi's heels till 2019-First Post
Andrew Brietbart, noted American conservative commentator and editor who died in 2012, had once this to say about media manipulation: "Feeding the media is like training a dog. You can't throw an entire steak at a dog to train it to sit. You have to give it little bits of steak over and over again until it learns."

Why start with an anecdote about media manipulation in an article about Arvind Kejriwal? Because, as I hope to show, the AAP supremo is currently the only politician in India who understands new media (keeping Narendra Modi in mind) and uses it admirably to his advantage.

Equally clearly, Kejriwal seems to have chosen the second. The Delhi chief minister is a master at staying on top of news cycle. How does he do that? By running frequent campaigns in media, both old and new. And most of these are relentless, virulent, venomous harangues against the prime minister. He sees Modi's invisible hand in every ticking of clock.

Making Modi the target of his diatribes, therefore, serves two crucial purpose for Kejriwal: One, it gives him free publicity and ensures his relevance in national media and two, makes him a de facto challenger for the Prime Minister's post in 2019.

As a political ploy, Kejriwal's tactic is bang on. He is continuing a strategy of media manipulation which has so far given him rich dividends and holds the promise of serving him even in the future. Problem arises when the AAP chief tries to project himself as the sole custodian of honesty in Indian politics. The slip is showing.

The only focus of Arvind kejriwal is Narendra Modi. 

Dear Mr. Kejriwal ,

People of Delhi elected you for good Governance, you may focus on Delhi rather than PM's clothes, degrees, food and travels. Don't be like a drama Queen always, it's really bad for your image.

People expect from you a different brand of politics for a country like India which has face huge loss only due to dirty politics of media men and corrupt politicians.

घोटालेबाज गद्दारों की ऐहतियाती पैंतरेबाजियाँ देख कर अब तो यूँ लगता है कि उठाईगिरे और पाकिटमार भी पुलिस से बचने के लिये जन्तर-मन्तर पर जुलूस निकाल और धरना दे कर लोकतंत्र खतरे में है का नारा लगाते छाती कूटेंगे !!!

Congress Party leaders has now given a slogan to protect Democracy when their Commanders are exposed in National Herald Case and in Augusta Helicopter case.
It is open secret now that leaders of Congress Party incite communal violence and provoke rioting on petty incidents and then put entire blame on BJP . Congress Party which pretends to be secular is actually the communal party . It is this party which always kept Muslims and Hindus away from each other and at daggers drawn to each other . It is this party which has been using 'Divide and Rule' policy to rule this country.

Now Hindus , Muslims and other communities are no more in their magical field and they have realised how they have been cheated for years and decades to garner votes.

Congress Party created a sense  of fear in the minds of Non-Hindus . It used riots of 2002 in Gujarat to malign image of Mr. Modi , but failed to keep Modi away from Power. When voters understood its mistake, it voted Modi to power and made him PM of this country.

When Modi was humiliated and interrogated by politicians and by CBI, none of dirty politicians of Non-BJP parties came to his rescue. Now when Mrs Sonia is exposed, all non-BJP parties have come to express sysmpathy for her. Even Mr. Kejriwal is indirectly falls in the same line.

Kejriwal should learn lessons from dirty politics of Congress Party which reduced the strength of Congress Party from 400 to 40 in Parliament. He should refrain from following the same dirty politics which for six decades leaders of Congress Party and especially  members of Nehru Family followed for decades.

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