Thursday, May 5, 2016

Some Questions To Media Anchor

  • Message to Sumit Awasthi of IBN 7 who is anchoring debate on IBN7 Today 5th May 2016 on subject related to bribe payment to Indian Leaders in Augusta helicopter purchase

  • Congress Party and other Non-BJP parties maligned Modi for 12 years on Post-Godhra riot without any proof of Modi's  involvement

  • Thieves and bribe takers do not steal or accept bribe in front of CCTV camera. Neither they leave behind any proof.
  • Let CBI, ED or other investigating agencies take their course of action to decide and detect the name of bribe takers.

  • It is mediamen like you who are repeatedly asking question in wrong way. It is they who are crying loudly whether Sonia and Rahul

  • Name of Sonia, Manmohan singh AP has been taken by Italy court in their judgement. None of BJP top leaders have put blame directly

  • Media men like you are sitting on chair of judge. Who have authorised media to conduct debate which humiliate Sonia,Rahul or Modi
  • All parties are admitting that bribe has been given to some Indian leader. Let CBI and Court decide and detect the culprit

  • Media and political leaders like V P Singh accused Rajiv Gandhi in Bofors but failed to prove it in 25 years,Who will compensate

  • It is media men who are disturbig Indian peace by projecting all message in distorted way and in baised manner

  • You media men never sit on debate on subjects how to control price rise, how to reduce unemployment, how to grow helping commonmen

  • You media men made Kanhaiya Lal and Umar Khalid as hero and real performer and patriot as zero

  • Media men were sleeping for four years and they started crying when Italy judgement came and they are crying on Mallya issue

  • You media men are responsible for ongoing disturbance, stalmate in Parliament and wrong message to International community

  • When Modi and Manmohan Singh can be called by CBI, why Sonia and Rahul Gandhi cannot be ?

  • Activites of Congress Party are not beyond suspicion in IshratJahan case, In Mallya case and In all scams of the past decade

  •  I know you Mr. Sumit Awasthi will not like my comments, because you too like to support to whom you like and you turn blind eye

  • Harish Rawat in caught in sting and CD is out , if CBI calls him for interrogation to prove its genuinity , what is harm in it

  • Why Congress Party and UPA government did not provide required papers to Italy government to prove  innocence of their leaders?

  • You media men never hesitate in condemning Modi on 2002 Gujarat riot though there is no proof . But you keep mum on 1984 riots

  • Leaders of Congress Party are blindly supporting Sonia Gandhi and that of BJP are opposing them , what is the fun in such debates.

  • Leaders of both parties cry like crow and you earn TRP . But outcome of this game is that image of India is tarnished. TraitorsWho

  • You media men extended support to Odd EVen formula of Kejriwal and now Kejriwal himself admit that it is not a permanent solution

  • Italy court has proved that bribe has been given . Now it is the duty of present Indian government to find out bribe takers

  • Media has got no moral or legal right to make comments on a matter which is subjudice. Media will stop only  if someone files PIL

  • Media men are misusing freedom granted to them under democratic rule, they are worse than Kanhaiya  Umar Khalid or Kejri or Owessi

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