Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Odd-Even Is Not The Solution

I feel immense pleasure that Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal has openly acceptd that Odd-Even formula applied by his government to control and contain pollution level  in the state of Delhi has not resulted in desired fall in pollution level. Sri Kejriwal has accepted that Odd-Even  formula cannot be a permanent and long lasting solution to mitigate risk arising out of increased pollution level.

I salute Mr. Kejriwal  for his courage in accepting the bitter truth , though after much delay and after causing unprecedented discomfort to people of Delhi. Lastly Kejriwal has decided to shed his ego in continuation with his invented idea of  Odd-even despite large scale protest from people of Delhi. In fact ,Politicians especially of ruling party seldom acccept their fault. Kejriwal has however made a record in accepting the truth. Admission of mistake will surely lead to best solution , sooner or the later.

Kejriwal spent crore of rupees on ads and thus wasted scrce resourcs of Delhi Government in advertisement for self appreciation and in wrongly popularising ill-motivated odd-evn formula conceived and propagated by Delhi government led by AAP.  I expect now after admission of  fault by Mr. Kejriwal , his blind followers, Transport Minister Mr. Gopal Rai and other spokesman of Aam Admi Party including cabinet ministers will also realise their misconception and false rigidity  about odd-even policy and change their attitude.

People of Inida has watchd and witnessed invalid and flase arguments submitted by spokesmen of AAP during debates on various TV channels and also watched silently how media men used to extend veiled support to false logics given by AAP spokesman.

I hope now media men who were engaged in flattery to AAP just to condemn and humiliate central government headed by Mr Narendra Modi will also shed their false ego and discard the culture of flattery in the larger interst of common men.

Country will rise and prosper only when media men and journalist play a unbiased role and help in  creation of a positive environment . They can do so by projecting good works done by political parties instead of projecting only negative side of each good work of a government. Media men should stop playing emotional game to misguide innocent and illiterate voters of this country who do not have enough talent to distinguish between true news and fabricated false news.  

Journalists move from one corner of this country to other and they are supposed to be well conversant with public opinion on various policies of state governments  or central government. They must admire good works of Kejriwal, good works of Nitish and good works of Mr. Modi and that of all individuals .

So far as bad points are concerned, they should first bring the story related to wrong step, wrong policy and wrong execution of an act by a government to the notice of concerned department , remind them again and again in writng and when they fail to get desired result , they should show the same on TV. This culture will save the country's image in international fourm and help in making India stronger and number one in the world

Odd-even not a long-term remedy: Arvind Kejriwal-Times of India 5th May 2016

NEW DELHI: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday admitted for the first time that the odd-even scheme cannot be a long-term "remedy" to air pollution.

He said his government was determined to ramp up public transport in the city within a year to limit the number of vehicles on the roads.

Calling the second phase of the odd-even scheme "very successful", Kejriwal said the government will soon come out with a separate policy for cab and bus aggregators which will enable more taxis and buses on the roads.

"We have to strengthen the public transport system in the coming days and we are working on it. Odd-even cannot be a long-term remedy," the chief minister said addressing a "thanks giving" ceremony to celebrate the sucess of the second phase of the scheme.

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Danendra Jain said...

Success percentage quoted by you and by Kejriwal has got no meaning. People of Delhi are to follow the rule . As a matter of fact real success will be achieved when pollution level comes down. Despite odd even for 15 days., pollution level went up. He spent huge money on ads but could not achieve desired and declared output.