Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kejriwal Pleads For Statehood Of Delhi

Some people in media as well as some followers of Aam Admi Party plead that Kejriwal as CM of Delhi cannot work better for people of Delhi as he wants to do until Delhi is given full statehood. In my view it is not a question whether full statehood to Delhi will be beneficial for people of Delhi or not, bigger question is whether it will be harmful for the peoplw of country or not.

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal posted a draft  bill seeking full statehood for Delhi, seeking to build political consensus on a tricky issue that would need the backing of the BJP and Congress.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader asked the BJP and Congress to “rise above political differences” and support the State of Delhi Bill 2016 that will need Parliament’s ratification.

Kejriwal raised several issues starting from corruption but failed to stick to it in his own area . He wants to get his work done by others. He abuses LG of Delhi, abuses police, abuses Modi , abuses BJP and RSS and states constraints coming in his way. He does not focus on what is possible under existing framework. Shiela Dikshit worked for betterment of Delhi for 15 years and got valid votes from voters of Delhi without raising Constitutional issues and without blaming Central government. Kejriwal says that he has got victory in assembly election and voted to power by people of Delhi in democratic way but he does not think Modi as duly elected leader of entire country.

Other states in the country are doing their job and not abusing Modi all the time as Mr. Kejriwal uses to do. Many of Ministers and MLAs of Aam Admi Party are facing criminal charges, facing corruption cases and failing to get admiration from people of Delhi. Kejriwal should focus on making his party cohesive, active and effective in Delhi instead of spending on adviertisement to enhance his popularity in other states.

Kejriwal is not using power what he has, but crying for power which Constitution cannot grant him. He is not improving quality of teaching in government school but trying to regulate and distate private schools. He offers job to brother of Deceased Rohit Vermula , not to successor of persons killed in Delhi. He does less work for Delhi but more to trap Modi. He does not improve quality and cleaning of roads to reduce pollution but like to impose odd even formula for private cars. He gives value to Rohit Vermula and Kanhaiya , not to PM of this country.

Suggestion of Kejriwal for converting Delhi into a full fledged state is simply to divert the attention of people of Delhi from his mistakes and from faults of his party in Delhi. Kejriwal gorgot Lokpal Bill to eliminate Corruption in Delhi. Kejriwal forgot to ensure punishment to those leaders to whom he used to say as most corrupt in the country. Kejriwal failed to ensure honesty, sincereity and effectiveness in the minds of his ministers and his partymen. Now he is trying to bring into focus statehood of Delhi to conceal all his shortcomings and failures.

Delhi is national capital and if person like Kejriwal remains CM of Delhi for a long period , Modi like PM will not be allowed to enter in Delhi ,foreign dignitories will be humiliated and may be ,Supreme court and Delhi High Court will be asked to shift outside Delhi because judges there do not value CM. It is possible that Delhi CM refuses police protection to his opponents and give Z category security to person like Lalu, Kanhaiya and Owessi.

In my opinion , all those persons and political leaders who were dreaming of converting Delhi into a full fledged state before Kejriwal and his party coming to power in Delhi will also now discard this dangerous idea for good and ever. Kejriwal during his short rule has proved that a Government headed by person like Kejriwal may prove deterimental to the interest of the country in long run.

Delhi is a capital where national policies are framed and enacted, where foreign dignitaries visit for attending various international conferences and where headquarter of various top institutes, top departments, valuable PSUs , various domestic and international boides are situated and if Delhi Government become hostile to central government , it will create total anarchy and lawlessness.

We have seen during  last two years how a few MPs of opposition parties united and formed a front to put hurdles in passing of all important bills in Parliament. Similarly if  full fledged Delhi government in future  becomes hostile to PM of this country , it can put several hurdles in smooth functioning of central govrnment.

Delhi Government which is formed to work for betterment of life of one crore resident of Delhi . But if Delhi state government is given full power ,it can hamper the betterment of life of 126 crore people of the country just to fulful the whimsical and capricious ideas of head of Delhi state Government . Kejriwal by his action has already alarmed entire country and have taught the dangers of statehood to Delhi. Hence conversion of Delhi into a full fledged state will definitely be a suicidal step. I hope Moid will not commit a blunder by giving Delhi full power as demanded by Kejriwal mooted Draft bill for statehood of Delhi.

Media men who are hostile to BJP and Mr. Modi or who are paid agents of other parties may conduct debates after debates on this issue because they are also victim of short term motives of TRP and some gifts in lieu of favour to a party or the other. But people of India who has better conception of the subject cannot fall in line with illogical statements and demands made by Mr. Kejriwal.

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