Friday, June 24, 2016

Kejriwal Seeks Referendum On Staus Of Delhi

The Lieutenant Governor plays a significant constitutional role. The Indian Constitution has bestowed similar powers and functions on the Governors and Lt. Governors as enjoyed by the President of India. In India, the rank of Lt. Governor is present in the Union Territories (UTs) of Delhi (which is a state too), Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Puducherry.

Sri Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi , wants  Delhi Assembly Committee to summon LG Delhi Mr. Najeeb Jung for questioing him along with ACB Chief Mr. Meena why did they delay in taking action against Mukesh Ambani , Shiela Dikshit and others enlisted in FIR submitted by Mr. Kejrwial during his last term as Chief Minister of Delhi.

If his demand for summoning LG Delhi in the case  is put into effect, days are not far when a Parliamentary Committee will summon President of India too to question on many bills signed by President of India. It is to be noted that all bills passed by Parliament  become act only after the bill is signed by President of India.

 Learned and clever Mr. Kejriwal perhaps do not understand (or with a conspiracy in mind pretend to be innocent or over smart)  the role ,status , power and function of LG defined in Constitution of India. He perhaps does not believe in Indian Constitutin too. This is why Delh Government under leadership of Mr. Kejrwal always ignore LG Mr Jung and forward the bill either directly to Home Ministry Delhi or President of India.

Aam Admi Party SUpremo Mr. Kejriwal has ego problem and that is why he and other leaders of AAP governent do not think it necessary to seek concurrence of LG before submitting the same in Assembly for debate , discussion and enactment. He does not like to obey Constitutional provisions making it mandatory to seek concurrence of LG on all bills . 

It has become now evident that Mr. Kejriwal is  willfully and stretegically trying to ignore provisions of Constitution repeatedly and by this course of action he is trying to prove that all bills framed by his government for common men are rejected by Modi.

Kejriwal is trying to prove that his government is interested to do work whereas Mr. Modi , Prime Minister of India is neither doing any work nor allowing him to do any work. Unfortunately a section of people due to ignorance of laws and provisions of Constitution applicable on Union territory Delhi Government  is  also convinced by illogical stand taken by Kejriwal in this regard .

If anyone speaks a lie and repeats the lie hundred times, it starts appearing as truth. But sooner of the later , liars are  exposed and truth is established . A large section of media and politicians like Kejriwal tried by this method to prove that CD related to Kanhaiya in JNU anti-national activity was fake , but now it is proved that the CD was genuine.

To prove his illogical stand , Kejriwal is now demanding referendum on question of treating Delhi as a  full fledged state. In future Mr. Kejriwal may also seek referendum on validity and enforceability of Indian Constitution in the territory of Delhi. 

Kejriwal knows very well that large section of people of India vote on the basis of sentiments, caste and community .Understanding the implication of laws and Costitution is not laymen's job and hence Kejriwal think it easier to befool common men than to convinced Constitutinal experts or to educated  class of people

Mr. Kejriwal is however trying to exploit and encash this innocence of common men for seving his political ambitions. This is why, clever and shrewed minded Mr. Kejriwal and his team in Delhi Government are trying to stress on seeking of  referendum on status of Delhi in the style of referendum British government carried out to decide whether UK should come of European Union. Here the million dollar question is whether Kejriwal will leave the post of CM if outcome of referendum is negative.

Kejriwal's such madness , unprincipled appraoch and recalcitrant attitude is nothing but ridiculous and an attempt for making mockery of democratic principles. He will be called as mad or insane or a fool, I do not know . But his image is getting maligned all over the country , it appears to me so.

 I would like to ask Mr. Kejriwal whether he will seek referendum on whether our country should spend on research and development, manufacturing of settelites, aeroplanes and helicopters or running of bullet train or fast trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi express  or we should completely foucs on bread for common men only . If such referendum is caried out , I think people of Delhi will vote for bread and bread only. After all it is a question of survival. 

Kejriwal should seek referendum on whether power and water be made free. He may seek referendum on whether Income tax ,sales tax and service tax should be waived. Outcome of such referendum will perhaps open eyes of Kejriwal .

A day will come when Kejriwal will seek referendum on every bill presented in Parliament by ruling BhartiyaJanta Party. It is remarkable to recollect here that Mr. Kejriwal had also promised to seek opinion of common men by calling meeting at panchayat level before he came to politics and before he became CM of Delhi . He rather sought view on Janlokpal Bill too. It is different that he forgot all these  ideas so far as governance in Delhi  is concerned. But he is interested more in seeking referendum on power, functions and actions taken by Modi government.

Kejriwal  does not understand or does not try to understand that there is limitation to common men , they cannot decide complicated issues like Janlokpal  bill or status of Delhi or validity of Constitution. He may seek refrendum to decide whether a person accused of murder has actually committed murder or not .

Suppose a refrendum in held in the state of Harayana on "whether Harayana state should share water with Delhi or not " , another refrendum is held on whether there should be a Punjabi language teacher in every shool in Delhi or not , third referendum may be held on whether Somnath Bharti or Kapil Mishra or a third person should be made law minister in Delhi Government .

God knows where Mr. Kejriwal will lead us to , but this is certain that he is trying to create confusion, chaos and crisis  by raising useless topics to divert the attention of common men of Delhi from issues to non issues and ultimately to malign Modi and occupy the post of PM. But he is wondering in dreamland and very soon he will be taught a lesson by none other than voters of Delhi.

A section of media has also become fan of Kejriwal , not because there is merit in him , but due to his madness in abusing Modi and brainless effort to prove Modi wrong and culprit on all matters related to his failure in Delhi. But in the long run, these TV cahnnels and such journalists are also earning bad name and loosing popularity slowly and gradually.

Following is in Hindi and Collected from Facebook 

चीन की चालाकी से भारत पस्त? भाई ऐसे विचारो को ग्रहण लगाइये। यह चीन की कोई चालाकी नही है, यह चीन की स्वीकारोक्ति है की भारत बड़ा हो गया है, खड़ा हो गया है।

हर राष्ट्र अपने स्वार्थ के लिए हर चाल चलता है, चीन ने भी यही किया है। जिस चीन का 2014 तक पुरे एशिया में दबदबा था, उसका पुरे हिन्द और दक्षिण चीन महासागर पर नज़र थी, जिसकी फैक्ट्रियां विदेश से आये पैसे से माल निकाल कर उसे आर्थिक दौड़ में विश्व में नम्बर दो और एशिया का बेताज बादशाह बनाये हुए थी और जिसका पाकिस्तान को खरीद कर ग्वादर बन्दरगाह के रास्ते, मिडिल ईस्ट और अफ्रीका को अपनी  मुट्ठी में करने का सपना पूरा हो रहा था, उस चीन के पिटे हुए, कमजोर तबियत और कमजोर ईमान का पडोसी मुल्क ने अपना सर उठाया है। 

उस पडोसी ने सिर्फ सर ही नही उठाया है बल्कि 2 साल में ही विश्व की राजिनीति को नई इबारत से लिखा है। वह आँख से आँख मिलाकर शक्तिशाली राष्ट्रों के समकक्ष, बराबरी से खड़ा हुआ है, उसने जहाँ हिन्द महासागर में चीनी चौधराहट को बांग्लादेश, म्यांमार,श्रीलंका, सेशल्स, मालद्वीप से साथ मिलकर हल्का किया है वहीं दक्षिण चीन महासागर में जापान, वियतनाम, दक्षिण कोरिया के साथ मिलकर अपनी मजबूत दावेदारी भी रक्खी है। उसने विदेशी पैसे की धारा को मोड़ा है और चीन से अपने घर लाया है। उसने ग्वादर से 75 किमी दुरी पर ईरान अफगानिस्तान का गुट बनाकर चाबहार पर, सेंट्रल एशिया से लेकर अफ्रीका तक, व्यावसायिक और सामरिक महत्वकांशाओं का नया घर बना कर, चीन के 42 बिलियन डॉलर के निवेश को महंगा बनाया है। 

अब आप ही बताइये जब यह पड़ोसी इतने कम समय में सारे जमे हुए वैश्विक समीकरणों को धता बताते हुए एक नई आर्थिक और सामरिक गठबंधन खड़ा कर लेगा तो क्या चीन इसके विरोध में पुरजोर कोशिश नही करेगा?

यह वही चीन है जिसने आपको लातो लातो मार कर आपसे 54 साल पहले, 37,244 किमी की जमीन छीन ली थी, यह वही चीन है जिसके अरुणाचल पर दावे के डर से, पुरे उत्तरपूर्वी हिस्से में कांग्रेस की सरकारे घुस कर बैठने की हिम्मत नही कर सकी थी और आज वह दिन है की वही चीन, भारत विरोध के नाम पर, पूरी दुनिया में आज अलग थलक पड़ गया है। मित्रो, भारत ने कूटनीति की नई उचाइयां प्राप्त की है जिसका असली अंदाजा आगे वाले समय में लगेगा।

आज भारत ने वैश्विक रंगमंच पर चीन को वह पहलवान बना दिया है जिसका अखाड़े में लंगोट खुल गया है। आज चीन भारत की महत्वाकांशाओं के ताप की जलन को महसूस करके अर्धनग्न खड़ा है। हम लोग अभी यह एहसास नही कर पारहे है की हम और आप कितने भाग्यशाली है, जो यह दिन देख रहे है क्योंकि हमारे बाप दादाओ ने तो सिर्फ चीन की लातें या घुड़की ही खायी थी। 

जो लोग आज भारत को असफल या उसके नेतृत्व पर उलाहना दे रहे है, वह, वही लोग है जो लातों से डर की मानसिकता की पैदाइश है या फिर जो भारत में चीन पाक के हितों की रक्षा के लिए चीन से सुपाड़ी लिए हुए है।

आप इत्मीनान रखिये, भारत सही रास्ते पर है उसे बस उसके नागरिको का सहयोग और विश्वास चाहिए !!

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