Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tweets Sent To Manak Gupta News24 And Abhigyan Prakash NDTV

Tweet to Mayan Gupta News 24 channel  on 23.06.2016
  • Mayank Gupta is trying on his TV news 24 to sprinkle fuel on fire ignited  by him . Media anchors real enemy

  • I ask Mayank Gupta, "Will he agree to report submitted by other 11 saints which will accuse Muslims in Kairana

  • Manak ji appears to be happy on defeat of India in getting sanction on entry of India in NSG , His face says

  • Mr. Manak Gupta, don't you feel happy that out of 48 countries , 43 have agreed to entry of India in NSG

  • Mr. Manak Gupta , how do you add UPA government in making effort for India entry, Why do you act as agent of --
  • Don't you agree Mr. Manak that relentless effort of  Mr. Modi has at least made India a power to reckon with.

  • Brazil Ireland, Austria , Turkey are not much significant. We should feel happy that powerful countries agreed

  • Mr. Manak I ask you to take a call from your own conscience and say frankly whether Hindus are leaving Kairana

  • Mr. Manak , you appear to speak views of your Masters using your TV cahnnel, you r doing injustice with country

  • Mr. Manak , you say saints bought by Akhilish, BJP should buy Maulanas, you will earn TRP, Country will burn  in fire

  • For sake of some money, how your conscience allows  you to tilt the story towards wrong side, please fear GOD

  • Manak ji you do not rely upon several other reports submitted on Kairana, but focus on report by Saints Why?,You like fire 4 TRP
Tweets to Abhigyan Prakash on NDTV on 15th June on Kairana and then on Price Rise

15th June 2016
You Mr. Abhigyan act as agent of anti-Modi camp, you make Kanhaiya,Rohit Vermula and Owessi as hero but criticise BJP speaking for kerana

You AP do not feel shame in speaking in favour of UP govt which is run by Goonda elements. Law&order is pro-Yadav-muslim

You Mr. AP , like Mr. Ravish choose your men in debate to demoraralise BJP spokesman only, You are not at all bothered of India

will not be wrong to say that YOu Mr. AP, Mr. Ravish and TV channels like NDTV are more communal than Congress Party or AAP

Your Channel NDTV is loosing its image only due to persons like you and Mr. Ravish. Viewers are more clever and intelligent

You are repeatedly using word communal to communalise the issue. Your mind is communal and not that of BJP persons

 Now you will show how prices of tomato has gone up and charge entire market with price rise by putting biased news on your TV

You are agent who spark off communal hatredness, you people cause price rise and inflation by your biased news

You people appear to be more anti-India than any politiican, you act as complainant, advocate for you  and then give judgement 

 Everyone in Kairana says that due to torture by criminals  ( open secret ,they are  Muslim)  , people are going away of Kairana

You AP and Ravish tried to prove that Kanhaiya CD was fake but now it is proved that CD was genuine. Repeating lies is your act

Your NDTV  channel under your anchorship may please your political master but but harming this country

As soon as You AP or Mr. Ravish appear on TV , people understand your plan how you will befool BJP spokes person

I do not know why your internal soul and your conscience do not stop you in speaking lie after lie and blind opposition to BJP

 BJP is speaking truth of Kairana , but you are painting it with brush of polarisation , inidrectly you support exodus of Hindus

Now you are going to show price rise of two three commodities to malign BJP & Modi , not state Government who fail to control

 I aovid your NDTV, but sometimes it comes in front of me to ignite my anger on your misinformation and provocative  campaign

Fact is that people from the state of Bihar and UP are migrating to other states for peace , job and to save them from torture of ruling class mafias

Do you know why prices rise , why tomato are selling at hihg price, have you tried to knw the reason , NO , no at all, you only

Do you know that when story of price rise of a commodity is shown on TV, it give rise to mor and more rise in prices at others

You , Ravish, Barkha, Rajdeep like anchors may try their best to malign Modi and BJP, but you cannot harm Modi or BJP

You say why issue of Karena was not raised during last 10 years, But you do not know that congress Party scams hided all issues

You tried your best  to stop Modi becoming PM candidate, but he became PM, You malign Modi , still he is most popular in world

Now say, what you have done to expose hoarders and profit makers who are artificially inflating prices ?

You say what you have done to expose anti-national elements who are weakening India in their ways?

Now you say from core of your heart why do you like Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal and say whether they are better than Modi

 I say you people are more dangerous terrorists than terrorists based in Pakistan or at POK who fires to destroy our people.

Price Rise

You should go to Airport where bisleri water is sold @Rs.50 per bottle whereas same is sold in open market at Rs.10 or Rs.15

You Abhigyan Prakash NDTV are moving in INE market to prove that prices are going up and common men are cheated under Modi's rule

you Modi-hater should know that a pair of bread slice is sold in Rs.100 in a hotel whereas on thela it is sold in Rs.1 or Rs2

A shirt is sold in Rs.100 to Rs.500 on Chandni Chowk Delhi market whereas shirts are sold in branded shop at Rs.3000 to 5000

A dosa is sold at Rs.5 on a road side thela and same cook prepare same dosa in a hotel and sold at Rs. 100 to Rs.500 per piece

Airfare from Kolkata to Delhi or Mumbai varies from Rs.5000 to Rs.50000 depending upon when you buy it ,it is time value

Rooms are availabe Same group hotel,Kolkata Rs.5k/ day, Mumbai Nariman Point Rs.25K at Chennai Rs.15K , it is locatioal value

TV anchors get Rs.50000 PM in NDTV, Rs.80000 ZEE TV Rs.125000 stat TV , Rs.40000 Doordarshan it is called brand value

Similarly tomatos are sold at rs.10 to Rs.50 per kg in same market das per quality, Pulses price also differs Rs.80 to Rs.160

AC two tier ticket rate differs for normal ticket and tatkal ticket, it is time value, Onion are of many quality, price differ

Value of car differs from Rs.2 lacks to Rs.200 lacs, Tandoor roti is also sold at rate Rs.20 per piece to Rs.200 per piece

YOu Mr.AP ,Antibiotic containing same ingredients differs in price  from Rs.10 per strip to Rs.500 per strip Why? Brand value

You Mr. AP is making false noise on price rise , fabricating news as per your whims and provoking price rise for other centers

If TV anchors stop making false noise on price rise, problem will be confined to some centers, bu tyou add fuel to fire

If you are reall clever and intelligent, please explore real reason causing price rise at some centers insteat of insinuating

In my town , two days ago I bought tomato at Rs.10 per kg, Today it is at Rs.40 per kg. only due to news on TV, You r culprit

You can make Kanhaia Hero, Rohit Ver. as martyr and you can make Arind or Rahul as Hero and make Modi as Zero , it is upto you

You and some  TV anchors are trying to befool innocent Indians, but in fact, you by your act are tarnishing your image only

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