Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kejriwal Putting Blame On Modi And BJP For Everything

In a letter written to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh Tuesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleged that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi “is in India, most of his time is spent in subjects related to the Delhi government.” Arvind Kejriwal accuses CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihlani of delaying release on BJP’s instructions

Wading into the row between the makers of Udta Punjab and the Central Board of Film Certification, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday accused the censor board chairman Pahlaj Nihlani of delaying the release of the film on the instruction’s of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Kejriwal is an ambitious person and always  targeting post of Prime Minister. He has an inherent weakness  to put blame on others and create nuisence in Political environment . He has learnt the art of befooling innocent mass , he has understood the art of playing with sentiments of poor people and he has learnt the art of anti-Modi forces to some extent. He has been  trying since long to capture media coverage by hook or by crook. he first used weapon of corruption to target Congress Party led UPA government and now he is trying to use weapon of secularism to target BJP led NDA government.

For this purpose , it is his stretegy to put blame on Modi for all lapses in Delhi or outside. In the past he used to target Shiela Dikshit and Manmohan Singh led UPA government when he was leading Team anna movement or trying to popularise his newly formed political outfit Aaam Admi Party.

As soon as Mr. Narendra Modi came to power as Head of Central Government  , Kejriwal started abusing Modi to create an issue for hot discussion on TV channels. He simply throws stone on calm water and create temporary ripples. In the long run Kejriwal is earning bad name due to his dirty and baseless politics. On the contrary Mr. Narendra Modi is gaining popularity not only in India but all over the world.

On the one hand Mr. Kejriwal declares Mr. Modi as accused in all small or big incident occuring in Delhi or outside and on the other Mr. Modi has thought it wise to  totally ignoring the talks and accusations made by immature Mr. Kejriwal against him. People all over the country has accepted the leadership and greatness of Mr. Modi and there is no doubt to me that sooner or the later Mr. Kejriwal will realise his guilt or he will be rejected by mass even in election.

Kejriwal is considered , I beg pardon for saying, not more than a barking dog . Mr. Modi on the other hand is considered a hard worker , honest worker and sicnere worker without any personal greed for any benefit.  In democracy , everyone has got freedom to criticise ruling party . But it becomes painful and disheartening  , when a person holding prestigious post of Chief Minister falsely criticise Mr. Modi and tarnishes image of our country in international forum everytime. Modi is blamed falsely and wrongly for all small or big issues which is absolutely unwarranted and avoidable.

On the one hand Mr. Modi is trying to brighten image of the country by making frequent tours to different countries and by activating all his ministries. He has improved the ease of doing work in India. He has got success in making India a best choice for foreign based investors. Modi has won the trust of heads of many powerful countries. On the other , our own people like Kejriwal are trying to throw ink on the face of Mr. Modi and thus blackening image of the country.

I condemn attitude of Mr. Kejriwal and his government. I suggest him to concentrate on work related to Delhi state and work in harmony with LG Mr. Najeeb Jung as because Delhi is an union territory , not a full fledged state. He has to learn to work despite all constraints. None of state government are free from hurdles, but none of CMs blame Modi like Mr. Kejriwal. If Kejriwal love people of Delhi and make their life comfortable , he may enhance his political area. On the contrary, if he invites one after other controversy, he will earn the anger of Delhi people and get defeat in next election as his party got defeated in Nagar Nigam election held last month.

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