Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tweets To Aditi Tyagi On ZEE TV on Zakir Naik

Tweets to Aditi jion ZEE TV who is conducting debate on poisonous Zakir Naik on 9th July 2016 at 8.30 p.m.

Aditiji, during regime of Congress Party ,none of police or none of officer in bureaucracy had courage to speak truth about Muslim or any criminal who had direct or indirect patronage of any leader of Congress Party or its allies in UPA. It is leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyar or Salman Khursid who request ISI and Pakistan government to help them in removal of Modi from power.

Musim leaders in Congress  Party used to misguide Sonia Gandhi and  Manmohan Singh and they purposely and under a deep rooted conspiracy allowed terrorism network  to grow in India in every nook and corner.

It is congress party which destroyed Indian pace, social harmony and in the name of secularism promoted communalism & caste war. It is they allowed scam after scam and they used to give value to only those who were hard core flatterer of Sonia Gandhi and her family.

Police officers, judges and all officers  as well as political leaders in the party used to gain power and post only by flattery and bribery to leaders of Congress Party

During rule of Congress Party or UPA rule, even majority of journalists and media men were engaged in flattery to High Command of Congress party and top leaders of the party.

 Alok Mehta ji , veteran writer asking Satyapal Singh why did he keep mum on Zakir Naik,I ask Why Alok Mehta, media men kept mum for years.

I salute Zuber Khan who is at least speaking truth, though he also kept mum for a decade, why, why did he not write to police, govt and CBI

I like to say, majority of departments are not discharging their duty honestly, this is why a traitor can and could inject poison for years and decades without  as my brakes.

Govt can if they want identify true colour of all money coming in and going out of India. All black money holders used banks to remit it out of the country.

Alok Mehta ji seniormost journalist should say why he was unaware of poisonous lectures of Zakir, illegal fund of Zakir and so on

Alok Mehta ji seniormost journalist should say why he was unaware of poisnous lectures of Zakir, illegal fund of Zakir and so on

Congress Party and UPA promoted culture of flattery and bribery ,now I expect that NDA led by Mr. Modi will try best to stop it

It will not be an exaggeration and wrong to say that many terrorists are sitting at high post in Congress Party, MMS was deaf and dumb

Even Today,police force at most of places are afraid of taking action against Muslim, dalits and woman even if they commit crime

Zuber is telling truth , where from money is coming to Zakir, where it is spent, what govt is going , state govt or central government

Many countries have banned Peace TV and bannd entry of Zakir, Why Indian government remained silent spectator for years decades.

Congress party leaders considers Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid as patriot and messenger of peace and social Harmony. This party put blame on police and armed forces of doing fake encounter if any terrorists is genuinely killed in fight against terrorism. This party has no moral right to preach sermons to BJP or Modi on patriotism, on unity and security of the country.

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