Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dirty Politics On Kashmir

Former chief minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday lashed out at the Centre for raising the issue of Balochistan at a time when Kashmir has been hit by violence. He also said that Pakistan is not responsible for problems Kashmir is facing now.

Family of Omar Abdulla,,ex- CM of Kashmir has always been supporter of Pakistan and hence it is not surprising that Umar abdullah has held Pakistan innocent and not guilty of problems faced by Kashmir.

As a matter or fact Umar and his father created mini Pakistan in Kashmir itself during their tenure of Chief minister in the state of  Kashmir.

When Omar became CM of Kashmir, Farooq was inducted in Union government when UPA was in power. Both of them used their power to make Kashmir weak and to empower Pak- based  and pak friendly terrorists and separatists. They  did all possible things to extend cooperation  to policies of Pakistan and to weaken position of India, not only in India but in all international forums. Congress party indirectly supported to them in all anti- national activities.

This is why Omar Abdullah is right in saying that Pakistan is not responsible for Kashmir problem as much as he and his father are responsible. He has criticised Indian government for raising isdue of Baluchistan ,but never criticised Pakistan for raising issue of Kashmir.

If we go further deep in the matter we will find that Congress party during their rule of six decades did nothing to make Kashmir people loyal to India, rather they did all which helped in making Kashmiri people hostile to India.

Unfortunately media men also played dubious and mischievous role in reporting and made India weak in all respect by their biased and distorted reporting of any incident. They too played role which helped in dividing society on caste and communal ground. In the name of secularism, they created several Bibhisans in India  and it is they who helped in disturbing communal harmony and peace. They support persons like Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya.

TV has power and huge potential to influence society . Unfortunately TV media  has played mostly negative and destructive role only.

It is not  Omar Abdullah and his father only, but several politicians of our country are playing dirty politics to serve their vested interest. They are not united even on matters related to unity, integrity, safety and sovereignty of our country. They can go to any bad  extent for the sake of vote  and for winning an election. Some Politicians are good but many are cheaters. Some of them do not feel shame even  in requesting Pakistan people or ISI or even Hafiz to remove Narendra Modi PM  from power or in  making requests  to USA government not to issue visa to Modi when he was CM of Gujarat.

Whatsoever may be the opinion of Umar and Umar like persons about role of Pakistan in creating and aggravating problems in Kashmir and in encouraging terrorism and anti - national activities in India , it is now crystal clear that even residents of Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK), Pak occupied Baluchistan and Girgitt are totally annoyed with policies, actions , approaches and attitude towards them and they have started raising demand for removal of end of dictatorial rule of  Pakistan on them and demand of Indian support for their liberation from Pakistan. People of Pakistan in large numbers are now  lover of India and our PM Mr Narendra Modi and they undoubtedly hate rulers of Pakistan. They are now telling loudly about large scale human rights violations taking place in Pakistan.

Therefore let Omar like politicians in India cry loudly against current Indian rulers and against Modi government, people know the truth and people of India will teach lessons to such mischievous leaders. Voters of India in general are clever. They taught lessons to Umar Abdullah, Rahul Gandhi and all so called secularists in last Parliament election. They will teach them in forthcoming elections too.

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