Sunday, August 28, 2016

Only Modi Can make India Stronger

For the first time in seven decades of freedom, Indian government has given a befitting reply to Pakistan government which left no stone unturned to destablise India and weaken it . By raising the issue of liberation of Baluchistan,Gilgit and PoK from Pakistan,our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has indicated that if needed, India can teach lessons to Pakistan. And now the focus of Pakistan will shift from Kashmir and turn defensive in place of offensive attitude of last seven decades.

During misrule of Congress party or Congress party led other governments, India became too much weak, Kashmir became unsafe, Pak oriented terrorism spread to every nook and corner of the country, corruption reached at great  height , human life became unsafe, caste war increased, communal tension increased,divisive policy adopted by secularists for vote sake weakened India domestically And internationally and dirty politics became the culture of all so called secular parties. And the most harmful act of Congress party was that lovers of Pakistan sitting at important posts in   Congress party empowered Pakistani policy and approaches towards Kashmir and did not allow peace to take roots in the state of Kashmir. Congress party damaged India more than what British government did during their rule.

Mr Modi with the slogan,  intention and  honest action towards achievement of "Sab ka  Sath Sabka Vikash" has brightened the image of India in all foreign countries and there is no doubt that India will regain its lost glory and people will learn to live together.

I salute Modi and his team. There is no doubt that Mr.Modi is incarnation of God. Growth of India will be accelerated if all parties come together in making India stronger. Let us treat ourselves as Indian and Indian only and not become victim of  selfish and corrupt politicians who make all efforts to keep us divided by raising unwarranted sentimental and religious issues.

In world forums too, India is now a great force to reckon with and very soon India will become a world leader . Salute to Modi and his team and politicians associated with BJP and NDA. God bless them all wisdom to create a culture of Indianism. Communal colour and caste colour or religious colour should not be allowed to distort our picture.

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