Saturday, September 3, 2016

Kejriwal Has Understood Double Standard In Politics ,

Kejriwal is not getting tired in abusing Modi ,but he does not have enough time and a skill to assess,ascertain and review the character, activities and attitude of his own six Ministers who are always close to him.

Kejriwal finds fault in all state governments run by BJP but he turns his blind eyes towards evil act of his own Ministers as long as it is questioned by his opponents and Mediamen. He threatens to send his opponents to jail but does not prefer same course of action for his erring Minister.

Charges of corruption or that of sex scandal on his Ministers are not enough in view of Arvind Kejriwal for sending them to jail.This is why he t
hinks it enough to remove the corrupt minister from his council of Ministers

Kejriwal threatened to many UPA Ministers but excused them all as soon as he came to power in Delhi. Now when Modi has come to power , he has started abusing Modi and forgot all. This is called Kejriwal brand of Politics.

Mediamen who are indulged in dirty journalism are also playing dirty role . They report, analyse and present story of an incident in favour or in against a person not on merit of the incident but based on their liking and their earnings.

Politicians and journalist in general do not think for the benefit and image of the country but only to serve their vested interest.

Arvind Kejriwal is crazy for power, purely selfish and he is least bothered of what Indian Constitution says. He does not have sense of respect even for judiciary. He considers himself as a supreme institution. He threatens other political leaders to send to jail but crime committed by his own colleagues in his government is considered by him as pious act. He is of dubious character and maintain double standards .

Kejriwal is willingly and strategically projecting court order on power of LG as attack and discrimination on voting rights of voters of Delhi and trying to revolutionize voters of Delhi against that of Harayana. He is not ready to understand the provisions of Constitution and hence making the issue of treatment of Delhi as Union territory as discriminatory.

Makers of Constitution took three years in framing and formulation of Indian Constitution but Mr Kejriwal considers all of them as fool, inexperienced and enemy of voters of Delhi. This is why people hate him all over the country. He being CM of Delhi does not feel shame in abusing PM of this country and using bad words for Mr Narendra Modi. He therefore call ministers in central government as Goonda elements . Unfortunately some section of media men also extend support to Kejriwal to serve their selfish motives.

Navjot Singh sidhu left BJP reliably to join Aam Admi Party .

Sidhu took a bad decision by discarding BJP in greed of CM's post from AAP. I told in the beginning that persons like Sidhu cannot survive with Kejriwal. I appreciate Sidhu that he understood Kejriwal so early. He has taken a wise decision by forming a new party and I hope he will do better. God bless him.
It is however cent percent certain that country has lost a comedian who gave us a lot of laughter and healed agony and hurt mind of a lot of people by his comedy.

Now in politics ,he cannot spare time and cannot get such occasions which may cause him to laugh. His laughter will be lost in darkness of Politics.God bless him. As a matter of fact God has made him for comedy but he has chosen politics which is anti- comedy.

Sidhu was so much healthier only because of his jolly mood, his comedy character and his cricket background. Now he has invited sickness of body and mind by forming a new party..

Kejriwal was a good person but by abusing others, criticising others, comparing others, ridiculing others, threatening others and rebuking others he has lost his mental stability, lost his conscience, lost his energy to do some constructive work, lost stamina to fight out corruption and last but not the least he has lost his health and has given invitation to a lot of diseases. He cannot continue long in the battle he started against corruption in politics. He has learnt to sacrifice principles for the sake of power after joining active politics.

Similarly Sidhu will face a lot of challenges in days to come and become victim of a lot of sickness. God bless him. I love him for his laughter and his ability to cause us to laugh.

  I dare to ask few qustios to Kejriwal

You say that you have saved 350 crore rupees in five projects.

Hom much did you spend on glorification of your party in Delhi and outside?

If you are good ,there is no need to cry loudly and say that you are doing good work.

You are actually busy in abusing Modi, BJP leaders in general and RSS.

During team Anna movement , you were busy in abusing Sheila dikshit, Manmohan Singh and his ministers to stop corruption.

Now you have totally forgot scams of congress party by exposure of which you came to power.

Now your target is chsned to Modi and you become pseudo secular like other non-BJP parties.

How you afford to change colours shamelessly?

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