Monday, September 5, 2016

Advice To Facebook

Risk from Facebook and advice to Owner ,promoter and Manager  of Facebook to reduce it.

There are many fake IDs active on Facebook.Some of them submit false, fake and misleading news and information. Some of them may have terror links. Some are making efforts to divide society,some are trying to ignite communal fire and some are indulged in other anti-,national anti- human activity.

Some are posting ugly photos, tailored photos, tempered videos which are undoubtedly  disturbing for society and humanity and for safety and security of a nation.

You Facebook promoter, for the sake of money are  promoting unusual,suspicious activities which are harmful for peaceful coexistence and communal harmony as well as for international peace.

People as well as  Nation as a whole will understand slowly and gradually that   though Facebook is  a good platform for sharing of important views and information , it is being misused by some anti- social elements to harm us.

To mitigate risk ,you Facebook owner have to ensure perfect KYC compliance from each member and monitor entire activities on each timeline and have provision to punish guilty person some way or the other..

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