Monday, September 26, 2016

Mr. Karan, "Think Before You Speak"

Filmmaker Karan Johar says his heart bleeds for the lives lost in the Uri terror attack and he understands the anger in the country but boycotting artistes from Pakistan is no solution to terrorism.

Karan Johar should answer, 
Will allowing Pakistan talent stop terrorism?

I ask Karan, "Do you think that giving all favour to Pakistan will ever change their heart and mind ?"

I like to ask you , if your neighbor continue to abuse you and your family members, if your neighbor continue to throw dirt towards your home despite your persuasion not to do so and if your neighbor even beat your relatives, will you like to play game with members of your neighbor family, will you call them in your family functions and will you get entertainment in such games and such celebrations? 
Will you like to attend function celebrated in house of your neighbor if the relation with them continue to be bitter even after making all efforts to have lovely relation.
Relations are created with desire from both sides. Even a layman knows that love or any relation is never unilateral or one-sided affair.

It is easy for anyone to preach sermons on such emotional issues but difficult for any individual to follow the same when he or she encounters such situation in real life. Similarly India cannot have one-sided love and desire for peace with Pakistan for decades when other sides continues to disturb our peace and kill our fellows repeatedly civilians or armed forces.

Journalism promoted by persons like Burkha Dutta and some other journalists is undoubtedly misuse of freedom. Someone may call me Modi-Bhakt but cannot change the public opinion and create love in their mind for such evil minded journalists.

Social sites may submit fake and confusing information to provoke sentiments but not for a long period. Gradually people are realizing what is real patriotism and what is flattery to enemies or a particular party. 

Karan Johar should suggest what India should do to stop Pakistan sponsored terrorism directly to Government in writing instead of making unwarranted comments on a proposal which is still in embryo stage.

Karan should know that India has been trying to make Pakistan a friendly country for last three decades and more. India gave Pakistan a status of Most Favoured State during government of Vajpayee. India has carried out many dialogue processes to end bitterness between two countries and to get rid of Pak sponsored terrorism for ever. But unfortunately we have been stabbed each time by Pakistan in response to our each efforts to make peace with them. 

In such position it is natural and desirable for our country to discard the idea of friendship with Pakistan and try to close all doors of infiltration and even shut doors for talent like artist who earn here and sometimes who act as spy to serve the interest of Pakistan. I have no doubt that many artists are working in India as agents of Pakistan and are indulged in Anti-national activities in India.

Not only artists, many government staff, journalists and many politicians are also working as agents and spy for Pakistan. There are many black sheep and we have to beware of them. Government has to try to weed them out . Such elements have to be punished who criticize government for the sake of criticism without keeping in mind the repercussion of their statement and what it insinuates.

I would like to mention here that Government is also look into a proposal to review Indus Water Accord signed with Pakistan in the year 1960. (News report says that government has called a meeting to review the pros and cons related to review of Indus Water Accord signed with Pakistan 56 years ago).

Sometime government bans cricket match with Pakistan. Other countries also follow such course of action to hint erring nation to mend their ways. Some countries in last few days suggested boycotting of SAARC meet likely to be held in Islamabad. News on this point is that The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) has passed a resolution that no member country will provide safe havens for terrorist attacks on another member. As Pakistan has been violating this pledge wilfully with impunity, we must not only boycott the forthcoming Saarc Summit in Islamabad but campaign for getting Pakistanfs membership suspended. 

It is sad that some persons who are hardcore anti-Modi or who are blind supporters of Kejriwal or that of Rahul Gandhi have lost their conscience and they criticise all decisions taken by our country against hardcore and chronic enemy country like Pakistan. They do not feel hesitation even in supporting the evil act of Pakistan and weakening position of our country in international forums. 

Opponents of Mr. Narendra Modi ,the Prime Minister of India or opponents of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) or RSS may oppose and fight political parties on domestic issues, it is called as beauty of democracy.

But if they criticise decisions taken to teach a lesson to age old enemy like Pakistan , it forces even a layman to think that these elements are agents of enemy and trying to help enemy indirectly.

There is an old saying that : If you are good you should appear to be good".

Unfortunately some action and statements made by some of political opponents , journalists and artists appear to indicate that they are not friendly to India but friendly to Pakistan.

On the one hand our PM Mr Modi is making sincere and best efforts to mobilize support of international community to isolate Pakistan and declare Pakistan as Terror state, on the other , political opponents of Modi in our own country are trying to malign good efforts made by Mr Modi in this regard.

Even a layman knows that many times diplomatic stand helps in creating a fear in the mind of enemies. India is never interested to go into war with Pakistan . India has always been a peace loving country and that is why our country has been tolerating all terror attacks sponsored by Pakistan for last three to four decades.

Indian government led by Modi  understand it well that war is not the solution to Pak sponsored terrorism. There is however a limit to such tolerance too. 

Pakistan has imposed last four wars on India and entire international community knows it that India has never initiated war with any country .But unfortunately our own fellows are bent upon tarnishing the image of our country and glorifying that of Pakistan.

Banning Pakistani artists, review of Indus Water Accord, stoppage of cricket game, boycotting SAARC meet in Islamabad  are a few examples of tactful and diplomatic stand suggested by few corners whenever India suffers huge loss due to Pak sponsored terror attack. These steps are taken only after giving due consideration and only after carrying out required debate and discussion on it at all appropriate platforms.

It is not the duty of mediamen to suggest government what is right or what is wrong. There is Parliament and many other important forums where such issues are discussed before taking a final call.

It is painful that persons like Karan Johar or Amir Khan or some other artists or some other reputed politicians or some other dignitaries try to become popular by provoking emotional war by going beyond their business of film making or other normal business to poking their noses in international issues . These men are irrelevant for any country so far as border issues are concerned. But some famous persons in our country are habituated to use their reputation to malign  Indians and Indian government inside and outside India by making unwarranted statements. I do not mean to say that they are all anti-nationals but their statement sometimes appear to mean that they are anti-nationals.

It is therefore needed that famous persons speak something when they should and speak only after understanding the after affects of their statements.

If I say a line, it is confined to few corners, but when a reputed persons speak something , it becomes a trend setter and sometimes it appear to symbolize views of the country as a whole.

I make an appeal therefore to all persons of repute, all journalists and politicians to control their public speech and speak after thinking over it several times. Modi and his government also know it that banning artist is not the solution to terrorism.

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