Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tweets To Manak Gupta On Zakir Naik

Following Tweets were sent Today on 7th July 2016 at  7.40 p.m when debate on TV channel News 24 was going on on anti-national act of Dr. Zakir Naik

Manak ji you are exposing Zakir Naik who was worshipped by Cong. Party and secular parties as reformist and peacemaker,I salute U

Secular parties in our country are begger of Muslim votes even by selling their ethics, morals, and even interest of the country

It is leaders of secular parties whose appeasement to Muslim has given rise to and which has forced  polarisation of Hindu votes

 I am very happy that a large section of Muslims are also opponent of Zakir Naik and they have come forward in open to criticise Zakir Naik.

Muslims in general are lovers of country, but secularist do not like to see good harmonic relation among Muslims,Sikhs & Hindus and hence they keep all divided and at daggers drawn to each other.

My message to Dr. Fahim Beg, why only Muslims are target of America? as he is claiming, I am not  saying, I rather ask him "Why not people of other communities are target of America? It needs some introspection. 

 Islam religion teaches love, peace and respect to all other religions, all brothers and sisters.Some Maulvis and some individuals only connect each matter with Islam and misuse Islam

In the name of Islam, some Maulvis are teaching hate to Muslim children and thus keeping them away from education & tarnishing Islam. Child is father of Nation , if they are spoilt, what will be the future ?

None of religions on this earth teaches hate.God has given us love, purity, peace, purity,happiness, mutual respect and Harmony

WE all people , all animals are creation of God and God loves them who love creatures of God. We should teach love and only love.

WE should debate on Zakir Naik. But Government will take action after collecting substantial evidence to prove that Zakir is bad.

Government should make a law which empowers police to take action against anyone, any person or party  who injects poison in the society and who provokes sentiments against other religion or against country or against humanity. We cannot afford tolerating misuse of freedom.

Obviously all freedoms must have check points. Constitution also have provided some check points. We need to put into action what is contained in the soul of Constitution.

Our mind, our speech and our action all must have harmony and cohesive relation and each act should give due respect to spirit of the constitution.

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