Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tweets To NDTV on Criticism of Smriti Irani

Following Tweets sent to Abhigyan Prakash NDTV on 6th June 2016 when he criticised Smriti Irani only because she kept self esteem and gave her value

You consider yourself greater than all, that is why you are not able to digest self pride of Smita Irani.You created dispute

You media people created disputes on petty issues like that of Rohit Vermula, otherwise Smriti Irani has done very good job

Actually some journalists want that leaders of all parties remain on their foot, otherwise they  make or mar career of anybody

You people tried to tarnish image of smriti irani by calling her uneducated, but she proved that she is better than educated

Kejriwal and his followers in media or AAP are calling Smriti Irani and Modi both as uneducated. What did Manmohan do for us?

You on behalf of AAP saved Rajendra Kumar PS when his office was raided, arrested, Now what you will say when Ashok admitted

You media people used to say that Modi is taking vindictive action against Rajendra kr and other AAP fans, now Ashok admitted guilt

Now Rabish has come saying Id on two days because of two views Moulvis, similarly 2 journalists like and dislike Modi and BJP

You media men enjoyed when image of Modi was tarnished for a decade on false ground,Let Shiela Dikshit and Kejriwal face truth

Media men should be given training on patriotism, and taught lessons on how to save country from misinformation game played

Freedom does not mean liberty to blacken image of the country, speaking against the country or supportng such speakers is not good

Wah Rabish ji , you are great , surprisingly now you are asking for judicious criticism of Smiriti Irani, normally media support bad criticism

I of course agree that Smriti Irani or Modi must be criticised, but not on what he or she wears, what their spouse do, and so on

Pl do not blacken image by giving false, biased and concocted news . Some criticism on TV make India weak in foreign countries

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