Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kejriwal's Donation of Rs. One Crore

Arvind Kejriwal is acting like a king so far as charity is concerned , he is arbitrarily using public fund in bribing  groups of  voters he likes . He thought it politically profitable to give compensation cheques of Rs. one crore each to the families of dead NDMC officer MM Khan and NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed. He further says to justify his whimsical act "Khan was an honest officer and it is impossible to find such officers," .

It means Mr. Kejriwal will give one crore rupee to families of each honest officer after his or her death. It is he who will decide whether a person is honest or dishonest , brave or coward. Several soldiers die battling against soldiers of enemy country on the border , they die while extending relief to victim of flood and heavenly havoc, they die in evacuating  persons lost in eartquake, they die in terror attack while on tour and similarly they die while performing several other bravery works assigned to them from time to time by government of India and their bosses.

Will Kejriwal give one crore rupees to bereaved families of each such brave soldiers?

Similarly many common men die in helping others. Many honest officers are murdered by mafia elements or political rivals. There are many honest teachers who by dint of their teaching quality make many students intelligent .

Will Kejriwal or any government promise to give one crore rupee to them for rehabiliation of such families in case of accidental deaths or natural death?

Or else Government of India should frame an univesally acceptable policy to help families of officers, soldiers, common men killed in extending honest and devoted service to the cause of humanity and in performing duty with absolute sincerity and honesy. Further Government should also define what is honest and what is bravery . It should not be left on the mercy, whims and fancies of political leaders like Kejriwal who goes to Karnataka to help Rohit Vermula because in his opinion , even committing suicide is an act of bravery and patriotism.

Kejriwal does not think it fit to award soldiers who have been serving this country devotedly and without any self interest. He think it wise to help family of Akhalak killed by a angry mob.

Government should immediately stop political leaders of ruling party in misusing public money in bribing voters to gain their favour in election. It is a unhealthy and unethical practice that leaders of ruling parties  do not perform during their entire tenure but think it wise to distribute freebees of different types to voters on the eve of election.Otherwise leaders will compete with each other in donation ,,as they have been doing since long at the cost of public fund and ultimately it is common men who will have to suffer the loss in form of taxation and other lavies.

Charity is given by such selfish politicians to a few persons but many maore persons are indirctly affected adversely. This is totally an injustice to common men. This is equivalent to misuse of freedom granted to ruling party in ruling a state or a country . This is exploitation of democratic principles by clever politicians to serve self interest or to serve their political purposes. These clever leaders are worse than many king of the past.

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