Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kejriwal Style Of Politics

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Sanjay Nirupum and Digvijay Singh like  smart persons doubt the statement made by Head of Army, by Head of the country Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and by powerful foreign countries like USA, Russia and UK about surgical strike at Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) destroying six to seven launchpad of terrorists. 

They had however fully and blindly  trusted on what Kanhaiya said in JNU , what Mr. Umar Khalid said about Smiriti Irani and what Mr. Rohit vermula wrote in his suicide note in Hyderabad. They did not trust even the video showing slogan shouters crying Pakistan Zindabad and glorifying Afzal Guru .They endorsed the views of Kanhaiya who showed disrespect to Supreme Court by questioning hanging of Afzal Guru. 

These so called political stalwarts have full faith in  what Pakistan Government says about surgical strike. They are not ready to accept even the truth that Mr. Hafeez Sayeed has threatened Indian government to take revenge of surgical strike. They do not even see that Pakistan Government is making preparation near border to attack on India. They have not even heard the  warning given by USA head Mr. Obama to Pakistan government to finish terror camps from Pakistan. They have not heard Russian President justifying surgical strike by Indian Army at Pok.

I therefore advise  these  clever politicians should wait for some time, their doubt on army statement and that on government claiming to have carried out surgical strike at PoK will be washed away when government of India will come out with video picture of entire surgical strike.

I will not say them fool or highly ambitious of power ,but I know very well that they are getting hate and condemnation from each corner of the country.

These over smart politicians are trying to demotivate armed forces and playing dirtiest politics to serve their political interest. They are trying to  malign image of Mr. Modi and BJP government so that voters turn their favour towards them. But I think they live in fool's paradise and unable to read public opinion correctly. I think voters will teach them lesson in election at appropriate time. They are earning not love but only hate from people of India .

International community have appreciated India,'s action but these politicians are doubting action taken by our own country. People of India will teach them properly . Powerful nation like  UK,USA Russia have   justified surgical action but these clever politicians trust what our enemy Pakistan is speaking. God bless them.

These smart politicians may also doubt killing of armed forces in Uri because Pakistan has not accepted it as terror attack . They may doubt even occurance of terror attack on Pathankot because Pakistan still assets that it is drama acted by Indian armed forces only.

Kejriwal went to Hyderabad to make politics on suicide of Akhlaq and supported ugly incidents which took place in Jawahar Lal Nehru university. he should go to Pok to verify the correctness of surgical strike . He considers all leaders of other parties as corrupt and want them to be in jail but he has given a certificate of honesty to his own ministers who have been found guilty of  corrupt practices even by court. 

Kejriwal and persons like Sanjay Nirupam dares Modi to take action against businessmen who possess black money or who has parked illegal money in foreign banks. But when IT authorities raid on business houses , he consider it as attack on freedom of business houses. He abuses LG for all his illegal acts.  His war with Lt Governor never ends even though High Court has made it crystal clear that LG is the real Constitutional Head of Delhi competent to take decisions on crucial matters and CM has to route his all decisions through LG only. 

But clever Kejriwal is not ready to respect even Constitution of India. he treats himself  as Supermost Authority He appears to be either a joker or a mad man and not at all fit for the post of Chief Minister.

Please also read relevant  article published in FirstPost and link is given below

It was a little amusing to find media by and large interpret Arvind Kejriwal's video message to Narendra Modi on surgical strikes as congratulatory and adulatory. In truth, a more ingeniously disguised attack on the integrity of the Indian army, the Indian Prime Minister and a more ringing endorsement of Pakistan's denial would be hard to find.

It wasn't the least bit surprising that chief minister of Delhi would tacitly raise doubts over India's stated position on an issue of national interest. He has done so before. But remarkably, a section of the Indian media — unlike their counterparts in Pakistan — bought into his coarsely sugar-coated needling that was done with all the finesse of a bull trying to find its way in a china shop.

This possibly marks a new low in Kejriwal's CV, though that cannot be said for certain since his political career is replete with instances of below-the-belt savagery on rivals. This is one politician who has single-handedly and precariously lowered the bar of political discourse with his intemperate language, guttersnipe tactics and failure to extend the very basic courtesy to his opponents.
As columnist Ajay Singh wrote recently in Firstpost on the Delhi CM, "Perhaps nobody in Indian politics has contributed to the lumpenisation of politics more than Kejriwal. He called the Prime Minister a “psychopath” and got away with it. He called Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley “corrupt” and was not held accountable for his indiscretions. He is constantly at war with institutions that come in the way of his own anarchic politics."
It is a misnomer to think that foreign policy is devoid from and stands independent of domestic pulls and pressures. As India's operation across LoC has amply proven, a state's response to external threats and its decisions on strategic interest are largely shaped by public opinion. And this works both ways.

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