Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Proof Of Surgical Strike

Congress leaders now claim that surgical strikes were conducted during their government too.

I do not doubt their claim. It is their fabricated story or not I do not know. Buy I may say without doubt that those surgical strikes were not as effective as latest surgical strike has impacted Pakistan government and masters of terrorism. For the first time Pakistan has realized that India is a strong country. Army of Pakistan is now mobilising their cadre near borders. Terrorists at LOC or in POK are now running away. People at large are happy.

This is called effective strike and this proves effectiveness of the government, strength of our armed forces and this proves how much our present government led by Mr Narendra  Modi is planning with full sincerity and involvement to get desired success.

PM Mr Manmohan Singh may be head of the country during UPA rule but unfortunately he caused huge damage to the country during ten years of his .
. He may be dry honest personally but it is he who promoted , irrigated and allowed corruption at all levels. His own Ministers did not consider him effective. Congress party as a whole used his simplicity to loot this country and in allowing terrorism to take roots in Indian territory. It is he who is responsible for pathetic health of PSUs and specially PSU banks. God bless him .

As regards surgical strike claimed by Congress party now, they should come out with copy of press release or video of statement made by the then head of armed forces. What is wrong is publicizing  surgical strike made by us in response to killings of our armed forces. When media is aware of terror killings why they should be in dark about our strike in retaliation.

At last, it is not BJP which is publicizing surgical strike ,it is people of India who are celebrating it. Congress party are other opponents are jealous if it. God bless them.

So far as BJP is concerned, Mr Modi has made it crystal clear to his colleagues not to speak much on surgical strike.

So far as dirty minded politicians like Kejriwal, Sanjay Nirupam, Digvijay singh are concerned, they are worried of their vote bank getting diluted. These politicians do not know or do not like to realize that release of video of surgical strike may prove counter productive. These politicians are purely selfish and least bothered of safety and security of the country. This is why they doubt statement of our army and trust propaganda of Pakistan.

So far as media men , journalists and some film line celebraties are concerned they are targeting their own professional interest and not concerned for even image of the country. They give value to their business income facing erosion day by day. I do not want to name them, but people of India understand the true character of these anti-national and selfish persons. People will punish them in their way. God bless them.

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Danendra Jain said...

Kejriwal trusted statements made by Kanhaiya in JNU and did not trust video shown by Zee News . He ordered investigation to verify the veracity of Zee News Video clip . He trusted suicide note left by Rohit Vermula but did not trust What Smirit Irani and Government told . He similarly trusted propaganda made by Pakistan on surgical strike but did not trust what Head of Army told and what Defense Minister Mr. Parikar told to nation.

Kejriwal tactfully justify his statement by saying that he praises Modi and Army for surgical strike but he advises Modi to show video to stop Pakistan launched anti-India propaganda denying surgical strike.

Kejriwal is perhaps not aware that Pakistan has never accepted occurance of terror attack , It may be on Parliament or at Pathankot or or Mumbai terror attack or killings of armed forces in Uri though in each case Indian government has submitted full documentary evidence to Pakistan in proof of terror attack . Pakistan even did not accept that Kasab was Pakistani.

I therefore request Mr. Kejriwal to first convince Pakistan that terror attack which took place in India during last two to three decades were planned and executed by Pakistan based terrorists . If Kejriwal succeeds in establishing truth of terror attacks in India to Pakistan , Indian government will definitely prove the truth of surgical strike.

One important point I would like to mention here that Kejriwal has been rebuked by Supreme Court and various other courts in many cases . Still he continues to say that LG is not the head of Delhi and he has been consistently trying to overrule the advice of LG Mr. Najeeb Jung. When he does not have understanding and respect for Indian Constitution , how can he be expected to understand the diplomacy played by Pakistan and Hafiz Sayeed.