Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kejriwal Should Prove UNTRUTH

Kejriwal trusted statements made by Kanhaiya in JNU and did not trust video shown by Zee News . He ordered investigation to verify the veracity of Zee News Video clip . He trusted suicide note left by Rohit Vermula but did not trust what Smirti Irani , a central minister and Government of India told in public domain. 

Kejriwal  similarly trusted propaganda made by Pakistan on surgical strike but did not trust what Head of Army told and what Defense Minister Mr. Parikar told to nation. He does not want to trust preparation being made by Pakistan near border to take revenge of surgical strike, he does not like to trust various evidences of surgical strike being shown on TV by various channels and he does not like to trust the threat issued by Hafeez Sayeed in response to surgical strike.

Kejriwal is tactfully trying to justify his statement of questioning truth of surgical strike claimed by Army to have taken place, by saying that he praises Modi and Army for surgical strike but he advises Modi to show video to stop and nullify Pakistan launched anti-India propaganda denying surgical strike. 

Kejriwal is perhaps not aware that Pakistan has never accepted occurrence of terror attack , it may be on terror attack on Parliament or at Pathankot or or Mumbai terror attack or killings of armed forces in Uri though in each case Indian government has submitted full and enough documentary evidences to Pakistan in proof of terror attacks taken place from time to time . Pakistan even did not accept that Kasab was Pakistani. 

I therefore request Mr. Kejriwal to first convince Pakistan government that terror attacks which took place in India during last two to three decades were planned and executed by Pakistan based terrorists . If Kejriwal succeeds in establishing truth of terror attacks in India to Pakistan , Indian government will definitely prove the truth of surgical strike. Otherwise Kejriwal may also say that all terror attacks were planned by Modi, in his usual style.

One important point I would like to mention here that Kejriwal has been rebuked by Supreme Court and various other courts in many cases filed by others against him or filed by his government against central government . Despite clear cut ruling by court that LG is Constitutional head of Delhi ,clever Kejriwal  continues to say that LG is not the head of Delhi and he has been consistently trying to overrule the advice of LG Mr. Najeeb Jung. 

Therefore when Mr. Kejriwal  does not have understanding and respect for Indian Constitution , how can he be expected to understand the diplomacy played by Pakistan and Hafiz Sayeed. 

International community has accepted that Pakistan is at the root of most of terrorism . World leaders have accepted that Pakistan has failed to wipe out terror camps active in Pakistan. Pakistan has been isolated in SAARC and UNO but few of our leaders like Kejriwal still support Pakistan directly or indirectly. 

Pakistan PM Mr. Nawaz Sharif has faced humiliation in the Parliament of Pakistan itself by opposition parties. Pakistan leaders appear to be shameless, how Mr. Kejriwal afford the same to be . God bless him.

Please treat following not seriously but only in lighter mood.

People of India in comedy mood (in lighter mood ) has been asking Kejriwal to prove the truth of his parent. Of course such ridiculous remarks  are not good and should be avoided . But out of curiosity , one appears justified in demanding  in the similar comedy mode ( in lighter mode ) that Kejriwal should  also prove that the propaganda launched by his opponents are baseless and he is true son of his parent.

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