Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Politics on Suicide and Army Actions

Kejriwal and his colleagues do not feel shame in doing dirty politics even on suicide of an ex army personnel. He does not know the fact behind suicide but want to make armed forces hostile to government. These people are real traitors. They can go to any extent for getting power.

Similarly Rahul Gandhi and his blind followers are engaged in dirty politics to create rift in armed  These leaders are thus bent upon weakening  India and armed forces.

These politicians do not even understand what is OROP . Congress party kept this issue pending for four decades and now when Modi government has implemented OROP , they are mentally disturbed . This is why they are using all small event to malign Modi government and trying to regain lost vote bank. They did the same thing after suicide of Rohit Vermula. Now they want to provoke violence after suicide of an retired army personnel.

I salute police officers who have detained useless politicians like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi. These fools like politicians are digging their grave and committing political suicide. Congress party has almost been ousted from power and now it is the turn of Kejriwal and his party.

Politicians should at least wait till police submit it's findings on reasons behind suicide.

I strongly condemn journalists who are using their TV channels to inject poison in the minds of armed forces. They should rather help army and the government in dealing with terrorists and  mischievous acts of ISI, Pakistan army and terrorists.

Instead of giving secrets to Pak forces, media men should provide clue to Indian police, Indian army and Indian government on probable terror attack and ongoing mischievous activities of Pak sponsored terrorists in India. I condemn TV channels which are engaged in helping hostile country like Pakistan or who are asking help from enemy to destablise Modi government.

I advise politicians to fight on genuine issues of common men instead of creating division in Indian society by using caste and communal politics.

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