Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thanks to Kejriwal's Charity ?

This refers to news of Kejriwal donating one crore rupees to a aggrieved family of ex-servicemen who committed suicide. Kejriwal led Delhi government feel proud of his decision and challenging Modi government to follow the same at National level.

I however condemn decision of Kejriwal treating the deceased as martyr and donating one crore rupees because it is discriminatory. All armed forces are fighting for safety of our country. They are all equal. One who dies fighting at border is real martyr and asset for the country deserves higher award. One who commit suicide after decade exhibit his cowardice behaviour and if the family of such deceased persons are paid one crore rupees, it will give pain to families of those armed forces who died fighting for the country and whose family got hardly a few lac rupees from the government.

I think therefore that Kejriwal is trying to create division in armed forces, he is trying  to create revolution in army and indirectly he is provoking army to demand one crore and more for families of those whose brave child died fighting on borders. This will not only create a unwarranted and avoidable financial burden on the country , it will also weaken army and demotivate them.

I therefore treat Kejriwal his his team as anti-nationals. I reiterate that action of Kejriwal will weaken strength of army and create a negative energy in them.

People may call me as Modi Bhakt but I think all who are unbiased and true patriot will never favour politicalisation of army by giving freebees by politicians. This will give rise to higher and higher demand from army and generate annoyance and unhappiness in them in the long run which is not at all good for any country. This will also force other parties to misuse more and more public fund in the name of charity though to some extent they all are doing so .

Lastly I would like to ask Kejriwal and his team to donate six month or at least one month salary of all his MLAs for welfare of family of the deceased. Charity from taxpayer's fund is not an act to be appreciated. I ask personally to Kejriwal  whether he has donated any amount from his own pocket to any poor in the past.

If yes I will praise it. If no, please do not feel great by donating from government exchequer.  Charity begins from home not from government. Please do not quote other politicians who have been distributing freebees to some extent since long because you had promised to give a different politics to the country.

I condemn Kejriwal  also because for the sake of vote gain in  he is promoting loan waiver culture which will again cause financial burden. I conclude that Kejriwal perhaps is trying to award who are failed or who commit suicide . He has perhaps no place for brave soldiers who die at borders or who repay loan in time. He is trying to wage an emotional war against humanity. History will not forgive him. He who started his political career with highest popularity is now one of the  most hated persons in the country. Kejriwal is honest, there is no doubt in it, but he is too inexperienced to run a state. God bless him wisdom.

Lastly I request Modi government to immediately frame a policy to deal with Kejriwal like whimsical and brainless politicians.

Glorification of suicide is a crime and it must be stopped immediately. In addition government should use CBI to investigate whether the ex-servicemen who committed suicide was actually murdered under a conspiracy .

I have my serious doubt on information that the person committed suicide for the sake of Rs5000. An army personnel cannot dream of suicide. It is possible that he was fed poison by some family member or by politicians who wanted to use OROP for political gain.

Congress party leaders including Rahul Gandhi never attended funeral procession taken out after armed forces became martyrs during fight at border. Rahul did not bother on killing of a jail staff or after suicide by bank officers . Similarly Arvind Kejriwal never expressed sorrow on death of army personnel at Pakistan border or common man killed in Pakistan firing. But these clever fellows tried their best to do dirtiest politics after suicide of Rohit Vermula and now on suicide of an ex army person. They are not ready to accept truth. They are spreading one after other lies and misguiding people of India by use of fabricated  and false news.

It is not at all a case of suicide, it may be a cold blooded murder with a political motive. Let us wait till police crime branch submit it's findings. An army person cannot commit suicide merely for RS 5000/. He may be victim of family dispute or he might have be facing loan burden. He has in no case consumed poison at his own but somebody else might have forced him to do do after taking a hand written suicide note and after recording a audio clip.

Lacs of armed forces have expressed their absolute happiness on OROP, it is not lined by mischievous minded politicians. A committee has already been constituted to look into some disparities which erupted after implementation of OROP. Why only one person lost patience. Was his decision to commit suicide was also political in nature has to be investigated.

Three bank officials committed suicide in last one month, none of politicians made issue of it because they want to weaken army and create ripples in unity and discipline of army. It is Pakistan oriented emotional war against India and unfortunately greedy leaders like Kejriwal and are Rahul Gandhi are its victim

Leaders of Aam Admi Party (AAP) and leaders of Congress Party have broken all past records of dirty politics. People now hate politicians like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi and there is no doubt to me that voters will  throw them out very soon .

One should ask scientists. Psychologists and doctors to know why after all a person commit suicide and many others do not living under the same conditions and same circumstances instead of putting blame on Modi or BJP for all such unnatural acts of a person. Many officers commit suicide every year, should we question entire system?

I reiterate that there are so many examples of weak minded bankers doctors, common men, business men, service men, professionals who commit suicide every now and then. Similarly there are so many hard stand takers who commit murder of those whose stand is different from some angle or the other. Both these examples cannot be made foundation for putting blame on government or the system. Such type of person act in abnormal way because of their culture and past deeds. This is my view, you may differ with me.

Lastly to commit suicide and to promote one to commit suicide is a crime as per Indian law. Police should take stern action against persons who provoked the deceased to commit suicide and persons who are glorifying it.

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