Thursday, December 28, 2017

Not Inviting Kejriwal Was A Boon For Kejriwal

Some ordinary men and some journalists  specially  those persons who are opponents  of Prime Minister of India ,Mr. Narendra Modi Modi and / or those  persons who love parties other than BJP say that by not calling Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi in  programme held at Noida for inauguration of Delhi Metro Magenta Line on 25th of December 2017. They say that “Not Inviting Kejriwal to the Delhi Metro Launch Was Neither Good Optics nor Good Politics”.

Some hard core well wishers of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal CM and Aam Admi Party (AAP) including Dy Chief Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia also expressed deep anguish over Mr. Modi for not inviting Delhi CM on the said occasion. Dy CM Manish Sisodia said “Not inviting Kejriwal to Metro inauguration an insult to Delhi public”.

I ask those persons who are either Modi haters or who are blind followers of Kejriwal and his party ,

Why do they want Kejriwal to be invited to share a stage with Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who has been abused with bad words several times by none other than Mr. Kejriwal himself. 

Delhi CM Mr. Kejriwal said in the year 2015 that Modi is a 'coward' and a 'psychopath. He said “My Words May Be Bad, But Modi's Deeds Are Bad”. 

Here question arises , “Is it wise to share stage in a programme with a man whose deeds are bad?”

Kejriwal said in last month i.e. in the month of November 2017  that Pakistan's biggest dream is to divide Hindustan on the lines of Hindus and Muslims. Those people who're dividing the country on the lines of Hindus and Muslims are ISI agents. In continuation he further adds that  by dividing India on the Hindu-Muslim line, the BJP has done in three years what Pakistan and its ISI could not do in 60 years. Kejriwal says that under the veils of patriots, they're (BJP) anti-nationals. They want to weaken the country. That dream that Pakistan has been seeing, which ISI could not do in 60 years, BJP has done in three years," 

It is clear as crystal by words used by Mr. Kejriwal that Mr. Modi and his party represents a party of terrorists which in his view is more dangerous than Pakistan sponsored terrorism and ISI which is recognised as biggest threat by world leaders. 

In such situation , question arises is 

“Will it be wise and politically prudent for a Chief Minister like Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to share a stage with PM Mr. Modi and become a part of programme which is organised by BJP ruled government which is considered more dangerous  than ISI ? If kejriwal attends such programme , he will have to shake hands with Mr. Modi whom he hates most.

I simply recall how Mr. Kejriwal was badly criticised by many politicians journalists and Aam admi too  when he shook hands with Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav on the eve of Bihar election only because Mr. Lalu symbolised corruption. He was condemned by several persons when in the year 2013 he for the formation of government in Delhi accepted support of the same Congress party which was considered by him and his party as a gang of corrupt leaders and against whom he had led a long movement under the banner of Team Anna and he had also promised people of Delhi that all those corrupt leaders will be sent in jail as soon as he comes to power.

Kejriwal was rather appreciated by his well wishers when he shared dias with Kanhaiya Kumar in JNU and Hardik Patel in Gujarat. He hailed speech given by Mr. Kanhaiya Lal and Hardik Patel. 

How can such a person like Kejriwal bear with speech normally given by Mr. Modi and who is considered by him as more dangerous than ISI recruited terrorists. 

Had he shared stage with Mr. Modi at Noida on 25th of this month , people could have drawn conclusion that Kejriwal is too hand in glove with alleged party of terrorists. 

Therefore ,I think so called well wishers of  Kejriwal and journalists who feel sympathy for Kejriwal for not getting invitation in Noida programme are real enemy of Kejriwal and in fact they are selfish in other words, they are eager to satisfy their  own ego against Modi than satisfying the ego and prestige of Mr. Kejriwal.

I think Kejriwal and his all his so called supporters should introspect to find out whether not inviting Kejriwal for Noida programme was good for health of Kejriwal or not.

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Rajinder Pal Jindal said...

By not inviting Kejriwal Modi has not done good. While Modi is P.M. of India , He should behave as P.M. of India and not as B.J.P. man. Kejriwal is C.M. Of Delhi ( duly elected by people of Delhi ) ,. He deserves respect.
Some blind followers of Modi are supporting every act of Modi. It is not good.