Friday, February 2, 2018

India And Indianness

It is the tragedy of India that lobby of so called intelligent and educated class looks any policy or  incident from a party glass. Even majority of journalists and politicians think and act with prejudiced  mind.

People who hate BJP like and listen only those news , right or wrong true or false,  which goes against BJP and similarly some with BJP glass on their eyes like only those news which appear to praise BJP. Very few people consider a policy or an incident from humanity point of view or in national horizon. This is why that even Parliamentarians keep their mind closed and speak as per direction of their high command.

Similar is the fashion of persons who view any incident from glass of their  own caste and community . Such people give more value to their caste and community and less to their country, to Humanity and to Indianness . 

Media men and politicians add fuel to fire for their vested interests. 

Some people assess every thing from money angle. If they get some money from a policy , they praise government and those who lose some money abuse government. 

As such , there are very few who assess a person or a party or a government in right perspective with application of all moral values and without  any self interest . 

Fate of India and that of Indians therefore depends on people in power, quality of parenting  and that of teachings in educational temples.

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