Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tweets To Zee News On 7th Pay Commission And Strike

Zee news anchor conduct debate on pay commission recommendation on pay rise and call of strike ......... Today is 29th June 2016 8.15 p.m.

Anchor Zee news is not aware that performance report or AAPR is written by bosses based on flattey , not performance

PSU banks have  merit oriented promotion policy in force for last 30 years,but such policy has in fact damaged  banks

Congress Party spokesman Mr. Alok is trying to ignite fire and provoke strikers to kill BJP, they r dirty politicians

 In India, public servants do not care for their work, they give value to flattery and bribery, to caste and community

15%  rise in wages announced by govt  should have taken place after consultation with Union leaders.,Jaitley erred

There is no foolproof yardstick which can measure performance judiciously, top officers become arbirary and dictator

Advocates of APR linked pay should peep into HR practices in PSU banks. It is bad HR practicde which raised bad loans

During last 30 years , only flatterers got promotions are actual, honest and  true performaers are stagnating

Govt of India is trying to cure banks by mergers, they are wondering in dreamland, They can do no better,I am certain

I have written many times ,many years ago that health of bank will deteriorate, bad assets will go up, it is visible

Politiicans and RBI have been making promises for last 10 years that they will stop rising bad debts, but they failed

Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats cannot stop corruption , cannnot write proper Appraisal reports,cannot do justice

In PSU banks good officers are facing stagnation, no increment, no promotions, but flatterers are flourishing in pay

In brief I may say that anchors like you and spokesman are totally ignorant about ground reality, they preach sermons

Politicians exploit employees & Treasury for  vote bank politics, they damaged banks, BSNL, AIrlines and all PSUs,

Good spokesman, good anchors , good politicians may be good in speaking, in making policy but not in action always

Honest workers normally R weak in speech & in protesting injustice . They tolerate injustice for their peace & family

In banks 90% of officers do not know how to write performance reports, how to review, assess and award performance

Bihar topper scam is not a case in isolation, scam is taking palce in all cases of promotions in all offices and PSU

Due to bad HR practices, good workers get demotivated and bad workers get elevated in all sphere of official life,

Media Anchor may earn higher TRP by creating hot talks and mutual mudslinging but cannot serve nation, they are enemy

Respected Jaitley has committed blunder by equating pay rise with development, Chidambram did it for bank staff

For last 40 quarters ,bad debts in banks have been going gup and up, but none of govt could understand the root cause

 I have huge respect for Modi ji , I am his fan,but he will perhaps not succeed in curing sick banks in way it is done

 I as banker have been watching worsening health of banks for decades, Politicians promise to cure but always fail

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